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Milagros are translated as "little miracles". These charms have been used for centuries in churches for the faithful to request miracles. The flaming heart is a popular symbol for expressing love and passion. Milagros are made by artisans from any Catholic country and we have a fine collection from Peru, Mexico and Germany. These days, a non-religious use of the milagros includes giving them as gifts to loved ones, decorative uses, ornaments and keepsakes.

Lacy ewter heart milagro

Lacy Pewter Flaming Heart Milagro (right)

2’’wide x 2 3/4" high, Germany
A2223 $32 each
copper milagro display

Copper hammered milagros from Peru

Milagros are votive offerings to ask for healing in the Catholic Church. They are made many different ways around the world, but they basically are used as a symbolic image of what needs to be healed. Then hung on the wall behind the saint or on the clothing of the saint inside the church. Devout parishioners make milagros out of what they have - lost wax casting methods or hammering sheets of tin and silver are typical kinds of milagros.

copper flaming heart milagro large copper plaque milagro flaming heart copper flaming herat medium

Copper Flaming Heart Milagro

Large 3" x 2" Peru
A1253 $9 each

Copper Flaming Heart Milagro Plaque

2.5" x 3.5" Peru
A1252 $16 each

Copper Flaming Heart Milagro

Small 1.25" x 1.75" Peru
A1254 $6 each

Milagros are beautiful things to be cherished. Gifts to special people in your wedding, to keep on your home altar....

Some folks love the iconography and make earrings out of the smaller milagros. The Amor silver plate milagro, if made in sterling, would cost hundreds of dollars. It's very beautiful.

group of milagros that show their relative size

Relative size of some of the milagro
offered below

Medium Alegria Flaming Heart Milagro Amor milagro Small Alegria Flaming Heart milagro

Medium Alegria Flaming Heart

Alpaca Silver Plate, 3 ¼ x 2 1/4, Peru
A2225 $14 each

Amor Milagro Heart

Alpaca Silver Plate , 4 1/2"h x 2 3/4", Peru
$20 each

Small Alegria Flaming Heart

Alpaca Silver Plate, 2 1/4” x 1 1/2”, Peru
A2224 $8 each
flat tin milagro heart flaming heart milagro with flowers around the edges guadalupe milagro

Flat Tin Milagro Heart

2" high x 1 1/2"wide, Peru  
A1190 $8 each

Pewter Flaming Heart

With little flowers around the edges.
Approve. 3 1/2 " high, Germany
$40 each

Flat Tin Guadalupe Milagro

1.5 x 2" high, Peru 
F2073 $8 each
Lesbian novios milagro novio milagro flat tin gay male wedding couple novio

Flat Tin Milagro, Lesbian Couple

with red ribbon, 1.5 x 2" high, Peru   
F2105 $8 each
20% Wedding favor discount
F2106 $76.80 / dozen

Flat Tin Novio Milagro

1.5 x 2"; high, Peru   
F2072 $8 each

20% Wedding favor discount
F2102 $76.80 / dozen

Flat Tin Milagro, Gay Men Couple

with red ribbon, 1.5 x 2" high, Peru   
F2103 $8 each
20% Wedding favor discount
F2104 $76.80 / dozen

White and gold frame with milagro

NEW Creamy White & Gold Mini Frame with Milagro

2.5" wide x 4" high.  The glass photo window measures 1.25" wide x 2 2.5" high. Stand in back. Assorted Milagros on top. Mexico

A3987 $16 each

A3987DOZ $160 / dozen special

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