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Day of the Dead Altars - Fixin's & Candle Holders

Dia de los muertos ofrenda, Michoacan, Mexico - photo by A. Villalba


Ofrendas are built inside the homes of the believers of Day of the Dead in Central and Southern Mexico. While there are regional differences in styles of the ofrendas due to income or custom, there are many altar mainstays to greet the weary spirits when they arrive. The children return on November first and the adults join their families on November 2.

Children's ofrendas are customized and decorated with delightful foods, candies and toys in miniature... miniature tamales, chocolates, tiny breads etc. Adult ofrendas feature the traditional candles, fruit, tamales, mole, mezcal, cempasuchil as well as photos, fashion magazines, cigars or folk art skeletons... and every ofrenda has pan de muerto and sugar skulls!

This impressive ofrenda in Michoacan uses aromatic marigolds, colored corn, and very unusually shaped pan de muerto breads, that represent female spirits of the dead.

Vera Cruz man holding marigolds in a cemetary truck full of marigolds, Mexico

Silk Marigold Bouquets

Marigolds are the typical flower used for Day of the Dead but hard to find in the U.S. during November. These silk marigolds (or cempasuchil) may be used in vases or cut apart for your altar-making. Mix gold & orange for greatest realistic effect.

Silk Marigold Bouquet » 9 GOLD flowers, 13" tall
F2029 $9 each

Silk Marigold Bouquet » 9 ORANGE flowers, 13" tall
F2045 $9 each

Box of a Dozen Marigolds » 6 orange + 6 gold bouquets
F4042 $85 / dozen bouquets

Women in front of a mound of new orange and yellow silk marigolds at our warehouse
papier mache sugar skull surrounded by gold and orange silk marigolds
Gold Silk Marigold Bouquet A papier mâché skull in bed of marigolds makes a striking centerpiece! Mix gold & orange for greatest realistic effect. Orange Silk Marigold Bouquet

day of the dead altar table traditional white copal incense Black copal / incense cup

Altar Table

Beautifully detailed. 4" high x 4" wide x 3" deep 
A1293 $24 each

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Traditional Copal Incense

For ofrendas. 1 oz. of white Copal which is considered to be the highest quality, used by the Cathedral in Mexico City. Comes with 1 roll of fast-igniting charcoal disks.
A2153 $18 /set

Black Shiny Incense Burner

Shiny black rustically fired traditional clay copal incense burner from Puebla, roll of charcoal discs and 1/2 oz. of Mexican copal resin incense. Approx 6 1/2" tall.
A2012 $25 / set

NEW Monarch Butterfly String

In Michoacan, Mexico, Day of the Dead is extra special because of the annual migration of the monarch butterflies. A true mystery of nature, these beautiful, big orange butterflies return to the villages & countryside during the week of Day of the Dead. Now, legend says that they are the spirits of returning loved ones.

When I found these hand-painted monarch garlands, I ignored my “anti-China” purchasing prejudice and had to get these. They are painted on a kind of silk flower material that looks like real butterfly wings. They will be great for our ofrendas makers who might even want to restring them horizontally, as they only come in vertical strings. They are very good quality and come in a nice box. Size is approx. 4 in wide. Garland extends 80” long on clear fishing line string. 9 butterflies.

A4034 $15 / string

9 Monarch butterflies perfect for ofrendas

NEW Oaxaca Sugar Skulls with Glitter Eyes

Hand decorated clay. Perfect for altar decorations - or when you need a sugar skull in your pocket,1.5 inches each. Mexico. Set of 4, assorted eye colors.
A4033 $12 / set of 4

Candle Holders

On home ofrendas, it's quite common to find candle holders burning handmade candles round the clock to welcome the returning spirits. The candle holders represent the style of pottery made in a village. The green glazed candle holders is traditional to Michoacan. Below, the skeleton bands are from north of Mexico City. The double-glazed Izucar candle holders are from Puebla.

Metepec Tree-of-Life Candelabras

Wonderful skeleton painted clay candle holders for your altar to celebrate Day of the Dead. Mexico.
candle holder with 3 skeletons Skeleton candelabra with skeleton playing a guitar

Tree Of Life ~ 3 skulls, 6" tall
$24 each

Tree Of Life ~ Single musico, 8" tall

metal tree of life for 3 candles

NEW Metal Tree of Life candle holder

Traditional floral design from Jalisco. 3 depositos with flowers, leaves & birds. 11” high x 11” wide x 5” deep. Imported.

A4003 $75 each

colorful ceramic skull lantern for tea light or candle

Talavera Skull Lantern

The cutout eyes flicker & glow with the flame of tea lights which fit nicely inside the ceramic skull. Each one is hand painted with a unique design, but all look very similar to the photo. Bright assorted colors. Mexico
Large (7.5" high) A2257 $36 each
Medium (5.5" high) A2258 $24 each (out temporarily)
medium talavera skull lantern
Large & medium talavera skull lanterns

Talking Head Clay Skull Candleholder

Guadalupe Tin Shrine - recycled can art

NEW Talking Clay Skull Candle Holder

Wired mouth moves.
 Approx 6” tall x 4” wide x 3” deep. Mexico
A2344 $38 each

Guadalupe Tin Shrine

The epitome of folk ark using recycled cans, hammered with intricate designs and painted with automotive paints all to delight the venerated Virgin. Comes with tea light. When lit the entire shrine shimmers. 4" x 7" x 2.5" deep. Mexico.
A1262 $30 each
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Clay Altar Skull blank next to tea light

Paint your own!
NEW Clay Altar Skull Blanks

I love these! These clay skulls are fired and can either be glazed & fired or painted with acrylic paints or glitter glue. Perfect to cover a tea light for your table, ofrenda or tombstone decor. Kids & adults will enjoy making these for gifts.
Well made by a family near San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. 3” tall x 3” wide x 3 1/2” deep, 1” hole, 3/8” deep eyes. (Candle not included.)
A2356 $10 each
A2356-12 $100 / dozen (12)
A2356-60 $450 / 5 dozen (60)
Clay Altar Skull Blank with tea light inside
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Ceramic Candle Holders

Beautifully detailed candle holders from Izucar de Matamoros, Puebla, Mexico. Assorted designs & colors.

Sold individually. Approx. 8 in. tall

Flower Senorita F2031 $45

Charro F2033 $45

Izucar de Matamoros ceramic senorita & charrocandle holder

NEW Relicarios

In Latin America, a relicario is a small, finely detailed devotional pendant used by the Catholic Church to hold cherished relics and mementos of the saints. In the more common definition, a relicario is a special, beautiful container to hold something precious.

In a Catholic church, relicarios are seen on the side altars, pinned to a garment or held by an elegant statue of a saint. A piece of the cross Christ died on, a locket of hair from a saint or something extremely precious could be inside the precious, locket-like necklace.

In 1990, I made friends with the maintenance man from the Oaxacan cathedral who offered me a personal VIP tour from the basement to the winding steps of the tallest tower. He showed me a relicario that had a shriveled up finger of a Mexican saint inside. The side altars in big old churches in Mexico have all kinds of unique, gorgeous as well as humble relicarios. Some were sent from European churches, while others have been made of the finest materials and artistry the Church can attain - sterling silver from Guanajuato, carved shell from the Coast, carved coconut inlaid with mother of pearl shell or silver filigree.

Some relicarios find their way to Mexican antique shops, but these are usually from home altars or chapels. What makes a relicario different from a milagro is that there is a hidden place to put a little precious something inside. Usually they are larger than a locket for a photo, and can be as large as a pizza box if it's adorning a major saint in the front of a church.

Six Heart Reliquarios

Relative size of the relicario offered below

We have found a workshop that is making nice reproductions of French relicarios of the mid to late 1800's. They are not Tiffany's fine jeweled style, but rather, more crude and artisanal; but they do authentically reproduce cut crystals, hammered initials, repoussé stretched & hammered pot metal as well as rough hand made hinges. If you are wanting a fine, high class, jewelry-like relicario, you wouldn't be pleased with these. But if you like the more humble, heart-felt relicarios to put special mementos in, these are fabulously perfect! I've had friends put love notes, lockets of hair of a baby or a love, fortune cookie fortunes, poems, prayers, ashes… any kind of precious thing that shouldn't be rattling around in your under ware drawer. These make lovely, thoughtful, keepsake gifts for someone special.

Two jeweled flaming heart shell reliquarios

Open large shell reliquario open Shell Reliquario (large)

NEW Shell Relicario (large)

(left) Jeweled Flaming Heart reliquario with shell and over 130 inlaid crystals. Opens from the back. 7.5” high x 4” wide x .75” deep. Ring hanger.
A3989 $90 each

NEW Shell Relicario (medium)

(right) Jeweled Flaming Heart Reliquario with shell and over 100 inlaid rhinestones. Opens from the back. 5”h x 3”w x .75” d Ring hanger.
A3990 $72 each

Large Flaming Heart Reliquario

Hanging Reliquario Heart with Amber Crystal Jewels Flaming Heart Reliquario – Medium

NEW Large Flaming Heart Relicario

Mixed metal with antique finish. Ample space inside heart which opens from the back. Twisted wire edge and lightly etched decorations.
6.5” high x 3.5” wide x 1.75” deep
Open (below)
A3991 $45 each

New Hanging Relicario Heart with Amber Crystal Jewels

Hangs from a 28” chain & also has a ring to hang on wall or hang by chain. Opens from back to place treasures inside the heart chamber.
9” high x 7” wide x 1.25” deep
Open (below)
A3988 $95 each

NEW Medium Flaming Heart Relicario

Mixed metal with antique finish & lightly etched. Twisted wire edge. Ring hanger.
3.25” high x 2” wide x 1” deep
Open (below)
A3992 $28 each

open large Flaming Heart Reliquario

Open Hanging Reliquario Heart with Amber Crystal Jewels Flaming Heart Reliquario – Medium (open)
Cast Metal Flaming Heart Milagro

NEW Cast Metal Flaming Heart Milagro

Antique finish. 6” high x 4” wide x .5” deep. Imperfections are part of their charm. Rough quality.

A3993 $24 each

Glitter metal flowers on a stem Box wrappted with a glitter metal flower Glitter metal leaf stem

NEW Glitter Metal Flowers

On a stem. Silver filament wire is hand woven silvery wire over wire petal armature.
A3996 $8.50 per stem

NEW Glitter Metal Leaves

On a stem. 11” tall.
A3995 $8.50 per stem
Metal Glitter flower close-up Box of candy wrappted with a glitter metal leaf Glitter leaves close-up

handmade mulit-color paper Mini Roses

Dime-size Mini Paper Roses

Handmade by 5 old ladies in Mexico City.... and furthermore, Angela's mother got drafted to assort the colors once they hit state side! She's done thousands! These adorable roses are bright & beautiful and can be used for wrapping napkins, wedding decorations, cards, cello bags, sugar skulls or decorating something special. Assorted colors-wire stems. A bunch is 12 roses.
Colors - We now have only bright colors available. The brights include red, bougainvillea and marigold orangy/yellow. No pastels.

F2052 $5 / bunch

NEW Mini Bouquets

Great for decorating sugar skulls! Flower petals made from dyed wood shaving with wire stems. Thailand. Bright colors – 10 orange, 10 magenta & 10 red with 1.5” wire stems

A2360 $5 / pack of 30 flowers

Mini bouquet with 10 each orange, magenta & red flowers made from dyed wood shavings

Flying skeleton angel with white feathered wings

Skeleton Angel

Flying Angel Skeleton

Our Exclusive Design
With white feather wings made by our resident papier mache artist. Finely painted skeleton with feathers, halo and string. Very nice gift for the Day of the Dead collector who has everything!
Approx 7" x 7"

A1162 $46 each

Angel Wired Skeleton Miniature

November 1, the first day of Day of the Dead, is when dead children are celebrated. Families look forward to reuniting with their "angelitos" (little angels) and decorate the home ofrenda with colorful flowers, incense and special arrays of goodies - all in miniature! Little special candies in toy shapes, mini tamales that are not too spicy - in Oaxaca, mothers press chocolate into mini shapes to delight the spirits of their angelitos.

In markets all over Mexico, tiny little candles are wrapped in blue and pink shimmering paper to burn on the ofrendas. The Zapotec Indians construct miniature, child size altars (about 2 feet square) that sit at the foot of the big ofrenda in their living rooms. Great care and attention is expressed in every detail.

This jointed bendable angelito is perfect for a child's ofrenda and it can sit or stand in playful poses. This is the style of folk art in Puebla, Mexico. Clay. About 5 inches tall.

A2181 $28 each

Skeleton Mama Papier Mache Angel

Angel Baby Skeleton

Skeleton Papa Papier Mache Angel

NEW Skeleton Angel Mama

Papier mache. 7.5” tall  x 3.5” wide
A2337 $28 each

NEW Skeleton Angel Baby

Papier mache. 5” tall x 4” wide. Mexico
A2336 A2336 $22 each

NEW Skeleton Angel Papa

Papier mache. 7.5” tall  x 3.5” wide
A2338 A2338 $28 each

Recycled tin heart frame recycled tin heart frame detail

close-up detail

Recycled Tin Heart Frame

Hammered frame topped with a flaming heart on top and scroll designs and hearts around the oval picture frame. You personalize with a photo of your muerto or old postcard - (We used a calendar girl in the photo. Tin heart frames come with a photo of the Virgin of Guadalupe). The tin shows pieces of Mexican juice cans! Oval 9 ”high x 8” wide. No two alike. Mexico
A1266 $85 each

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Good luck Amulet Bottle

Please watch to video to find out all about these unique, wonderful amulet bottles!

Good Luck Amulet Bottle

Peru, 6.5" x 3.5" (Cat not included)
$20 each
love stone amulet

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Alabaster Love Stone Amulet

Peru, 1" x 1.5"
A1251 $7.50 each
Watch the video to learn how this woman's love stone works!


Day of the Dead Ofrendas

photos by MexicanSugarSkull.com
altar, Puebla Mexico


Ofrenda of our master papel picado artist (Puebla, Mexico)


Visit our collection his beautiful
hand-cut Papel Picado Banners for Day of the Dead


Ofrenda, Oaxaca Mexico ofrenda, forever cemetery
Dia de Muertos public ofrenda, Oaxaca, Mexico Annual Hollywood Forever Cemetery Dia de los Muertos Celebration
day of the dead party, private home, los angeles, 2010. photo by s. kullmann
Day of the Dead celebration, private home, Los Angeles

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