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Our Favorite Skeletons

Small skeleton figurines are handmade by artisans and sold at outdoor markets. (Unless they're really good artists and export all their folk art to the United States!) Families look forward to shopping for these skeletons (calaveras) to decorate their home altars and cemetery tombs. New pieces are bought each year. They are always depicting a happy skeleton doing something they enjoyed when they were alive.

Most of the folk art we sell is made by artisans in Oaxaca, Puebla, and the state of Mexico.

Castillo Style Day of the Dead Village Scenes

Castillo style skeleton bread baker at his oven with his skeleton dog

Castillo Style Pottery

The most expensive Castillo piece I've ever seen was in Puerto Vallarta, and it was an entire intricate circus scene that cost over $13,000 made by one of the famous first generation Castillo artists.

There are many talented offshoots of this huge family these days. It's unusual to see a Mexican pottery that is fired and then painted with natural dyes or acrylics in place of glazes.

The Castillo style pottery is beautiful, interesting and makes wonderful additions to any Day of the Dead collector... And yes, still painted with one-hair paint brushes.

We hope you enjoy these Castillo style pieces!

Castillo Bread Baker

4 1/2" d x 6 1/2" w x 5 1/2" h

A2193 $195 each

Closeup of fine hand-painted edge of Castillo Day of the Dead cart with a skeleton horseI remember a trip I took back about 1982 from Oaxaca north to Puebla to meet the famous Mexican pottery artist Heron Martinez. I bought big brown burnished tree-of-life pottery pieces from him. He was an eccentric man and besides paying him very high prices for mounds of his pottery, he made frequent requests that I bring him big balls of hand made Oaxacan cheese, ammo for an illegal rifle and after-shave lotions from the U.S. One trip, during the rainy season, when I couldn't eat raw vegetables at the little roadside diners for fear of getting cholera, I spoke to a man who was hawking beautiful colorful pottery from Izucar de Matamoros, a nearby town in southern Puebla. It was the most intricately painted pottery I had ever seen.

The guy hopped into my truck and guided me to the Castillo family workshop that was full of tree-of-lifes, scenes and fanciful pieces; some were over 4 feet tall. All had the characteristic white calcium glazed underglaze and all had the bright polychromed microscopic paint jobs on top. I got to accompany the artist out to the barnyard to cut hair from the horse and mule to be used as the paint brush to get such fine lines on the pottery.

Handpainted Frida skeleton mask in a glass box. She's got lots of flowers and cute bird earrings.

NEW Castillo Style Frida Mask in a Glitter Glass Box

Awesome un-openable, hand-decorated glass box.
2.5" deep x 4.5" wide x 4.5" high

A5007 $60 each

Castillo style skeleton mole maker Castillo style skeleton sugar skull seller Castillo style tortilla maker

Castillo Mole Maker

3" x 3" x 4" Mexico

A2201 $58 each

Castillo Sugar Skull Seller

3" x 3" x 4" Mexico

A2195  $58 each

Castillo Tortilla Maker

3" x 3" x 4" Mexico

A2198 $58 each

Castillo style horn mask in glass box

Castillo Skeleton Masks

Hand made un-openable, hand-decorated glass box.

Horn Mask (left)
1.5 “deep x 3.5” wide x 4 ”high
A2187 $48 each
(out temporarily)

Aztec Mask (right)
1.5 “deep x 3.5” wide x 4 ”high

A2188 $48 each

Castillo style Aztec mask in glass box
Castillo style skeleton flower seller with cempasushal Castillo style cock fight village scene with 2 skeltons Castillo style skeleton market sellow with sugar skulls, pan de morte, fruits and gourds

Castillo Cempasuchil Seller

3" x 3" x 4" Mexico

A2200 $58 each

Castillo Cock Fight

3" x 3" x 4" Mexico

A2199 $48 each

Castillo Market Seller

3" x 3" x 4" Mexico

A2194 $58 each (out temporarily)

Castillo style pinata scene with skeleton boy and dog Castillo style cart full of skeleton people driven by a skeleton horse

Castillo Piñata Scene

4" deep x 4” wide x 5" high

A2203 $68 each (out temporarily)

Castillo Day of the Dead Cart w/ Skeleton Horse

3” deep x 5 1/2" wide x 4 1/2 high. Mexico

A2202 $185 each (out temporarily)

6 exquisitely hand-painted clay sugar skulls.

NEW French Garden Victorian Skull

Awesome one-of-a-kind clay skulls. Scrolly vines are exquisitely painted by hand by women’s workshop in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

4'' high x 3.5'' wide x 3 1/4'' deep

Colors available: green, turquoise and white.
Choose your color preference in ORDER NOTES upon checkout.

These are a real treasure for your ofrenda.

A5214 $48 each

Sugar Skull Wall Masks

Fine artist quality plaster. Masks have a ring on the back to put on the wall. 7” tall x 5” wide. $39 each

A4074 Rosa Mexicana Wall Mask A4075 Bone Wall Mask A4076 Marigold Wall Mask

clay dangling skeleton

Dangle Clay Skeleton

Hangable, long white skeleton with bright color details- 8" tall. Tied at all the joints. Not quite a wind chime but he's trying!

Very finely painted. Classic Day of the Dead type folk art. Mexico.

A1221 $24 each

Piano Player skeleton Sugar skull (calaveritas) seller skeleton Cupcake skeleton chef

Piano Playing Skeleton

Rockin' skeleton with a little skull on his piano. Who do you think he looks like? 3" square base, 4 1/2" tall player. Mexico

A1295 $34 each

Sugar Skull Seller

A classic! 3 1/2" high x 2 1/2" wide x 2 1/2" deep. Mexico

A1299 $30 each

Cupcake Chef

Some skeleton cupcake chefs come with little white vest. Papier Mache & Wire, 7” high. Mexico

A1273 $34 each

fine skeleton mariachi players

Mariachi Players

Beautifully crafted and bendable!
6" tall x 3" wide x 2" deep.

A1307 Violin player

A1305 Guitar player

 A1306 Guitarrón player

$28 each

Market women mini skeletonsSkeleton Market Women

These three market women and one skeleton hussy who probably doesn't do her own market shopping since she's all dressed up in her china poblana dress, are beautifully detailed and well made skeleton figurines for your collection.

These clay figures are very limited in production from a family workshop in Puebla. If you talk to yourself while you're working on your computer, they make nice companions and at night, walk around the piles of paper and burrito wrappers (and tequila shot glasses) that you have on your desk. They never complain although their tacones (Mexican high heels) are raring to dance. Please note, they all have their mouths open... “*comadriando,” no doubt. Great gift or addition to any collection. All approximately 4 1/2" tall. Dresses vary.

Skull Vendor on Horse
Kathi's favorite! (like she can ride a horse!)

M6029 $26 (out)

China Poblana
It's hard to wear a heavy sequined dress with a big cactus on it!

F2076 $26

Basket of Skulls*
Skeleton market woman with a basket of sugar skulls. This is a super special piece of folk art! Approximately 4 1/2" tall. Mexico

M6032 $26

Watermelon Woman
Nothing tastes better on a hot, steamy afternoon on the Mexican beach, than a big piece of sandia.

M6030 $26

*Are you still wondering what "comadriando" means? Well, comadres are women friends; many times they are godmother's to each other's children, but Mexicans are loose in who they call a "comadre". When comadres get together, they gossip, talk, tell secrets and pass on the village news.... noise level goes up and they drive their husband's nuts.
Comadriando is a PRESENT PARTICIPLE! and English should have a similar word in our language.
Museum quality fancy Catrina - magenta Museum quality Catrin Museum quality Catrina figurine, black

Catrina figure

Magenta, 6 1/2" tall x 3" wide x 2" deep.

A1303 $36 (out temporarily)

Catrin figure

7" tall x 2" wide x 2" deep.

A1405 $28

Catrina figure

Black, 6 1/2" tall x 3" wide x 2" deep.

A1304 $36 (out temporarily)

fine quality skeleton miniature skeleton dogs Serenade Boat Couple

Rustic clay Skeleton Bone Dog

Assorted hats and frolicking action poses! Peru

A2004 $18 each

Serenade Boat Couple

M6000 $24


Skeleton Violin player minature Skeleton woman wearing a sombrero minature skeleton girl with watermelon mintature in a box

Violin Skeleton in a box

5" tall x 2 " wide x 2 3/4" deep

A1287 $42

Sombrero Girl in a box

6" tall x 4" wide x 2 1/2" deep

A1286 $42 (out)

Watermelon Girl in a box

6" tall x 4" wide x 2 1/2" deep

A1285 $42 (out)

closeup on one fat mariachi skeleton musican

Mini Mariachi Set

Cute, 8-piece mini musico band, 2" high. Painted clay. Random suit colors.

N2080 $48 per set

mini skeleton musico band of 8 fat mariachis

Blonde cigarette smoking skeleton gal with a pink dress on a motorcycle, blue stand Fancy dressed Happy Skeleton Widow back of motorcycle guy mini skeleton cat looking at motorcycle guy miniture skeleton

NEW Skeleton Motorcycle Gal

4’ ’tall x 4’’ wide x 2.5’’ deep

A5009 $32

Happy Widow

F2001 $22

Mohawk Motorcycle Guy

Finally back in stock! 3 1/2" high

A1109 $26

Museum Quality Collector's Mini Skeletons ~ $26 each

For the Day-of-the-Dead Collector who has everything and wants more...
Super fine, 3.5 inch mini skeletons from Puebla are extremely well detailed. Very limited quantities. If you can't see the difference from the $16 gray based minis, don't buy these. Note the Frida has teensy-weensy dangling bird earrings and the traditional Mexican traje dancers have little skull maracas!

fine quality skeleton miniature Frida Kahlo an Parrot earings fine quality skeleton miniature of Elvis Presley singing and playing a guitar fine quality skeleton miniature of bride holding a a calla lily fine quality skeleton miniature of Frida Kahlo with large earings holding a monkey

Frida with Parrot Earrings

F2036 $26


F2075 $26 (out temporarily)

Glamor Bride with Bouquet

F2034 $26

Frida with Monkey & very big Earrings  

F2048 $26

fine quality skeleton miniature borracho (drunkard) fine quality skeleton miniature viejitos (dance of the old people) 25fine quality skeleton miniature quetzal dancer


F2039 $26


F2035 $26


F2037 $26

Deer Dancer

F2038 $26

12 piece hand made skeleton nativity scene

Mini Skeleton Nativity Sets

I have been asked for skeleton nativity sets for about 20 years now. FINALLY last year, we got the sweet little skeleton nativity in a red tuna can. Yes, it's a real tuna can. The artist family and all their neighbors, collect their tuna cans to make my order! This year, we got an artist to make these miniature skeleton scenes that feature Mary, Joseph, the cast of angels, animals and the kings. Make sure little kids and dogs don't get hold of these! Clay - hand molded & painted in tiny detail. Mexico

Itty Bitty Skeleton Nativity Set, 1/2" high figures
CL331 $42 /set

Skeleton Nativity Set Mini, 1" high figures
CL330 $54 / set

Skeleton Nativity Scene in a Red (Tuna) Can

When you think Mexican food, one doesn't normally think of tuna - but the artist's family has had to eat way too many cans of tuna fish the past couple years in order to get enough cans for these Day of the Dead skeleton nativities.

There's not much space in a can, but the Holy Family is visited by angels hanging on the walls. Very unusual piece of folk art and great gift for the nativity collector in your life! 3 1/2" diameter x 1 1/2" deep"

A1300 $36 each

nativity skeleton mini in a tuna can

Skeleton Pallbearers

Beautiful extra large pallbearer scene will make a good centerpiece for your day of the dead collection with four handsome suited pallbearers carrying a very happy skeleton in a nicely decorated coffin. Traditional Mexican wreath at the front says "descanse en paz" - rest in peace. It's unusual to have such an elaborate day of the dead scene in this large size.
Base: 3 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" tall

F2002 $32 (out temporarily)

fine quality skeleton miniature pallbearers

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