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Papier Mâché Skeleton Folk Art

papier mache skeleton as large as a man

NEW Gigante Dangling Papier Mâché Skeleton

(left - hehe) This dramatic piece is perfect to decorate your stage, restaurant, or extravagant Day of the Dead celebration. Well constructed, 6 foot tall jointed skeleton is designed and painted by the famous Linares family of Mexico City. Very similar to the gigantic skeleton in Diego Rivera's studio.
F2100 $350 each

Requires extra shipping charge - Shipping from California (us) to the east coast costs $75.00 Box size: 43" x 18" x 18". Locations closer to CA cost less. You'll be only charged actual UPS Ground charges on your giant skeleton!

"Skully"* Dangling Papier Mâché Skeleton

Almost 4 feet tall, this skully can sit at your dinner table!
F2024 $125 each

NEW 3 ft. tall Skully (not shown)
$75 each

Extra-extra large skull available here

Beautiful handmade Catrin & Catrina paper mache couple

NEW Alameda Strolling Catrines Couple

These catrina sets are highly collectable and the ultimate in papier mâché quality. The paint job on the woman’s dress is phenomenal, using old 1800’s vintage designs.
24 inches tall, removeable heads.

A3981 $365 / couple

Closeup of the back of our paper mache strolling Catrina
Mini Papier Mache Skull cascade

Mini Papier Mache Skull

blank papier mache skulls

Mini Papier Mâché Skull

Black & white skulls. 5 inches high x 4 inches wide
N2068 $15 each

Blank Papier Mâché Skull

5 inches high x 4 inches wide
N2069 $12 each
Skeleton Mama Papier Mache Angel

Angel Baby Skeleton

Skeleton Papa Papier Mache Angel

NEW Skeleton Angel Mama

Papier mache. 7.5” tall  x 3.5” wide
A2337 $28 each

NEW Skeleton Angel Baby

Papier mache. 5” tall x 4” wide. Mexico
A2336 $22 each

NEW Skeleton Angel Papa

Papier mache. 7.5” tall  x 3.5” wide
A2338 $28 each

Boldly painted!

Large Papier Mâché Skulls

Approximately 8" x 6" x 8"high
  $65 each


See Extra Large Skulls in our Collector's Gallery

Large painted papier mache skulls and silk gold marigolds
Bobble Head Paper Mache Skeleton Senorita - handmade Mexican folk art

NEW Bobble Senorita

Papier mâché, 9" tall x 5.5" wide. Mexico
A2340 $24 each



NEW Bobble Cowboy

Papier mâché, 9" tall x 5.5" wide. Mexico
A2339 $24 each
Bobble Head Paper Mache Skeleton Cowboy
Catrina Paper Mache Ornament Catrina Maraca made with Papier Mache

NEW Catrina Papier Mâché Ornament

3.5 ”high x 5.5 wide x 5” deep. Mexico
A2342 $22 each

NEW Catrina Maraca

Papier Mâché Catrina on wood stick. 8.5” high x 5.5” wide x 5” deep. Mexico.
A2341 A2341 $20 each
medium papier mache skulls stack of 7 medium papier mache skulls

Papier Mâché Skull – Medium

Assorted bright colors with glitter accents colorful. VERY well detailed painted and accented with glitter. 7" tall x 5" wide x 6" deep.
A2036 $38 each
3 papier mache skull masks with hats group of 6 Paper Mache Skull masks 3 papier mache skull masks without crowns

Small Papier Mâché Skull Masks

Decorate them with glitter pens, 5" high
$7.50 each

Revolutionary Skull Mask

Great piece of folk art, which was inspired by the papier mache masks of Celeya in the 1940's. Great wall decoration. These come in bright assorted hat colors. These masks were actually used in the Independence parades of 16 de September, not for Day of the Dead. But, who cares???
A2132M - $18.50 each (temporarily out)

Papier Mâché Skull Mask

8" high, assorted colors.
A1155 $13.50 each
papier mache skull masks with crowns 2 papier mache skull masks with top hats

NEW Skull with Crown Mask

Fun papier mache masks, well made and strong, in the classic crown design. Metallic paint on the crown. These are handmade by Mexico City artist and are not fixed up to hang on the wall or actually use as a mask. Assorted colors.
A2133-2 $13.50 each (temporarily out)

NEW Top Hat Skull Mask

Exclusively ours! This skeleton catrin sports a black top hat! If you're a collector, you'll need this mask as well as the revolutionary skull mask. Very old, unusual design. This was common in the 1940's. Assorted eye colors.
A2211 $18.50 each (temporarily out)
bundle of colorful papier mache margarita skulls 2 colorful hand-painted paper mache sugar skulls

NEW Margarita Skulls

A colorful hand-painted papier mâché Margarita skull & an IOU coupon for a real margarita with you makes a perfect gift for a friend or colleague. If it's a real good friend, add an entire bottle of Patron! (out temporarily)
3" high x 4" deep x 3" wide. Assorted colors A2154 $27 each
4" high x 5" deep x 3" wide. Assorted colors A2175 $36 each
Flying skeleton angel with white feathered wings Cupcake skeleton chef romantic skeleton mariachi
Flying Angel Skeleton
Our Exclusive Design – With white feather wings made by our resident papier mache artist. I have mine dangling over my computer! Finely painted skeleton with feathers, halo and string. Very nice gift for the Day of the Dead collector who has everything! Approx 7" x 7"
$46 each

Cupcake Skeleton Chef

Some chef come with little white jackets. Papier Mache & Wire, Mexico, 7” high
A1273 $34 each

Romantic Heart Skeleton Mariachi

Papier Mache & Wire, Mexico, 7” high
A1274 $34 each (out)
The papier mâché animals below are great for pet owners who want to celebrate the memory of past pet companions or place them on their ofrendas of loved ones who loved their pets!
skeleton cat paper mache skeleton rooster

Playful Skeleton Cat

Bone cat with whiskers. Papier mâché with wire armature painted in black & white.
13" x 9" tall

Papier Mâché Skeleton Rooster

Wire armature and strong construction. In Mexico, a rooster is a symbol of fertility and frequently shows up in nativity sets and folk art. 10" tall
Current roosters don't have any red paint - just black and white. (photo coming soon)
N2094B $52
3 catrinas

Catrina Figurine in Pink

The Zona Rosa, or Pink Zone, is where many tourists stay when they're visiting Mexico City. I think it got its name from being a brothel zone before the Revolution. These big busted catrinas probably came from around the Zona Rosa in these striking, pink dresses! 9" tall. Peru. On wood bases. Assorted dress.

A1275 $32 each

Festival Skeleton figures ~ start your collection today!

These tall 15" tall papier mâché skeletons depict a Day of the Dead festival! Decorate a window, ofrenda, classroom or dining table with this delightful collection of skeletons. These typically sell for $55 each, but because we bought so many, we are pricing them much less.
Sold individually for $28 - $32 each.
Select any 6 skeleton figures for $150 A2137 -
List your preference on the online order notes or email us

During Day of the Dead, street vendors find their way to the City with a myriad of special products to celebrate the holiday as well as sell special elements for the ofrendas. The Pajaeros still carry stacks of metal and hand made bird cages through the streets, and hand made cotton candy & poles of candy apples are a once-a-year treat.
skeleton balloon & cotton sellers= skeleton revolutionaries skeleton sellers

"Algodon" Cotton Candy Seller
A2138 $32 each

Revolutionary Man
A2143 $28 each

Adelita Soldadera
A2144 $28 each

Flower Vendor
with staff & basket on his back
A2140 $32 each

Musicos in the Cemetery - It's the job of the current mayor of a village to pay for the cemetery's music on November 2. Sometimes it's good, and sometimes it's very squeaky and cheap music. It's hard to live it down if you don't provide good music for your village. The mayor also has to pay for the rented chairs and some impress their village neighbors with paying for a Coca-cola truck to come give away free Cokes in the cemetery. It's very expensive to be mayor in Oaxaca!
skeleton organ grinder band 1skeleton tambor player

skeleton charro close up

Charro close-up

skeleton charro dancers

Organ Grinder
A2151 $32 each

Tambor player
A2149 $32 each

Charra Woman Dancer - A2145 $28 each
Charro Male Dancer - A2146 $28 each

Bone papier mache skeleton dog paper mache skeleton dog

Paper mâché Skeleton Dog with teeth!

Mexico, 13" x 10" tall
F2083B $48 (out)

Skeleton Long Dog

This cute little critter is adorable and will sit attentively at your heels below your bistro table! What would the waiter say? Very well constructed and painted; little painted accents on the nose and back. Long, floppy ears. 14" long x 7" tall
A2018 $52 (out)

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