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Papier Mâché Skeleton Folk Art - skulls, masks & more

papier mache skeleton as large as a man

Gigante Dangling Papier Mâché Skeleton

(left - hehe) This dramatic piece is perfect to decorate your stage, restaurant, or extravagant Day of the Dead celebration. Well constructed, 6 foot tall jointed skeleton is designed and painted by the famous Linares family of Mexico City. Very similar to the gigantic skeleton in Diego Rivera's studio.

F2100 $350 each

See extra-extra Large Skulls here

"Skully" Dangling Papier Mâché Skeleton

Almost 4 feet tall, this skully can sit at your dinner table!
F2024 $125 each


"Skully" Dangling Papier Mâché Skeleton

This 3-foot skully can sit on your lap!
F2023 $85 each
Requires extra shipping charge - For example, shipping our 6-foot skully from California (us) to the East coast costs approx. $75.00 Box size: 43" x 18" x 18". Locations closer to CA cost less. You'll be only charged actual UPS Ground charges on your giant skeleton!

Boldly painted!

Large Papier Mâché Skulls

Approximately 8" x 6" x 8"high
  $65 each


See Extra Large Skulls in our Collector's Gallery

Large painted papier mache skulls and silk gold marigolds

Large white paper mache skull with red painted decorations and gold  foil eyes & glitter.

Large Glitter Skull

9" high x 8" wide x 9" deep

Four large colorful, elaborately decorated paper mache glitter  skulls with 2 cempesuchil flowers. Medium size red paper mache skull with purple painted decorations and gold  foil eyes.

Medium Glitter Skull

7" high x 5" wide x 5" deep

NEW Papier Mâché Glitter Skulls

Finally a new papier mâché skull that dazzles even the most jaded of Day of the Dead collectors! These are extremely well made and stuffed full of free hand painted designs, then encrusted in "diamantina" glitter. They are molded like all papier mache skulls, but hand-shaped to give the skull a real folk art feel. Many large ones have tin foil eyes. If you were to look at 50 skulls, only a few would be duplicated color combinations. Bright assorted colors, 2-tones and a few B&W. Mexico (if there is a color combination you don't want, please write us a message in the Order Notes upon check out). Large Glitter Skulls measure 9"H x 9"deep x 8"W. Medium Glitter Skulls measure 7"H x 5"deep x 5"W. Collectors will love these!

A5022 Large Glitter Skull $64 each  •  A5021 Medium Glitter Skull $40 each

NEW Papier Mâché
Procession Masks

In Mexico, the devout parade around in processions in the cemeteries carrying santos, incense & candles as they pray, chant and sing on November 2. In more recent times, more popular processions take place in the town squares & surrounding streets the week before Day of the Dead with musicians, participants in costumes, masks and even skull face painting. Theater performances and interpretive dance are becoming common in Mexican cities too.

In the U.S. where traditional Halloween traditions are increasingly interwoven with Day of the Dead iconography, Catrinas and Fridas are showing up to costume parties.

Our new Papier mâché artist, Monica Torres, has made these strong & high quality mache masks with really large eye holes so they can really be worn by folklorico dancers or just hung on the wall. While these vary in size, the hefty sized skulls (without hat or flowers) measure approx 9 1/2"H x 7" W. Mexico.
$40 each


Paper mache procession mask - smiling Pachuco male skeleton mask with blue hat

A5107 Pachuco (many fun hat colors)
(out temporarily)

Paper mache procession mask - Carmen - smailing female skeleton with a bunch of colorful flowers on her head.

A5106 Carmen (side flowers)
(out temporarily)

Paper mache procession mask -smiling Friday skeleton mask with a corona of colorful flowers on her head

A5104 Frida (corona of flowers)
(out temporarily)

Paper mache procession mask - Bigotes - smiling male skeleton with brown heair and a huge mustache

A5108 Bigotes

Paper mache procession mask - Sarita smiling female skeleton with lots of makeup

A5105 Sarita

Paper mache procession mask - smiling Rosita skeleton mask with a single rose in her hair

A5102 Rosita (single rose - comes in many colors)

Paper mache procession mask - your basic smiling skelton mask with blue sparkle decorations
A5109 Calaca - no lipstick
Paper mache procession mask - smiling Catrin skeleton with red top hat mask

A5103 Catrin with Top Hat - some with bigotes. Hats are assorted red or black

4 skull rattles, 2 with sombreros and all with ribbon on a long stick

Papier mâché skull is 6 1/2" x 4" x 3"
20" head to bottom of stick

Three festive papier mache Frida  skeleton sonajas (rattles) with colorful flowers on long wooden sticks.

Sonaja skulls measure approx 5" x 5" x 5" plus hats and sticks are approx 18" long

Papier mache bride and groom sonajas (rattles) on a stick. The bride has a long veil, the groom a dapper red feather in his top hat.

NEW Sombrero Skull Ribbon Rattle

(left) Is this your magic wand? These rattles will be fun to take to parties or processions or stick into floral arrangements or a pot of (uncooked) beans! The artist makes them on colorful sticks with bright hats, tied with ribbons. These are decorative folk art and dangerous for children. Mexico
A5131 $16 each

NEW Sonaja - Frida

Once again, Frida is immortalized in another folk art form - the rattle! Fun to have sitting on your coffee table to distract the eye from the stack of remotes. These are decorative folk art and dangerous for children. Mexico.
A5012 $22 each

NEW Sonajas - Bride & Groom

These versatile bride & groom rattles with top hats & fancy veils transition from the wedding reception to the cemetery with style and ease. Simple Chanel classic black & white formal outfits make these rattles great keepsakes. These are decorative folk art and dangerous for children. Mexico.
A5010 $42 / pair (out temporarily)

bundle of colorful papier mache margarita skulls 2 colorful hand-painted paper mache sugar skulls

Margarita Skulls

A colorful hand-painted papier mâché Margarita skull & an IOU coupon for a real margarita with you makes a perfect gift for a friend or colleague. If it's a real good friend, add an entire bottle of Patron!
4" high x 5" deep x 3" wide. Assorted colors - A2175 $32 each

Glitter Eyed Skull Mask

Great piece of folk art, which was inspired by the papier mâché masks of Celeya in the 1940's. Great wall decoration. These come in bright assorted eye colors. These masks were actually used in the Independence parades of 16 de September, not for Day of the Dead. But, who cares???

These masks are frequently used by dance troops and Day of the Dead festival goers. One would have to punch a hole in the sides with a nail and thread some ribbon through to tie it on, if you actually wanted to use the mask.

8" high

A1155 $13.50 each (out temporarily)

3 papier mache skull masks without crowns

Small Papier Mâché Skull Masks

Decorate them with glitter pens
5" high
A1134 $7.50 each

Mini Papier Mache Skull cascade
Papier mache was popular Day of the Dead decor during the late 1800's Colonial Period. These black & white skulls look like 3D interpretations of skeletons in the wood cuts made popular by the "father of folk art", Jose Guadalupe Posada, who worked up to the time of the Mexican Revolution 1910.
Mini Papier Mache Skull blank papier mache skulls

Mini Papier Mâché Skull

Black & white skulls. 5 inches high x 4 inches wide
N2068 $18 each

Blank Papier Mâché Skull

Paint your own! 5 inches high x 4 inches wide
N2069 $13 each
medium papier mache skulls stack of 7 medium papier mache skulls

Papier Mâché Skull – Medium

Assorted bright colors with glitter accents colorful. VERY well detailed painted and accented with glitter. 7" tall x 5" wide x 6" deep.
A2036 $38 each

Extra large papier mache  China Poblana dancer Papier mache Mexican hat dance couple with guitar
Variety (6) of China Poblana dancers in unique outfits and Charro skeleton

Skeleton Mexican Hat Dancers

Large papier mâché, 26" tall. Fun & Collectible!
Senorita N2103 $285
Mexican Hat Dance Couple N2102 $395
Charro Boy N2104 $155 | Guitar N2105 $25 (out temporarily)

Flying skeleton angel with white feathered wings Cupcake skeleton chef

Flying Angel Skeleton

Our Exclusive Design
With white feather wings made by our resident papier mache artist. I have mine dangling over my computer! Finely painted skeleton with feathers, halo and string. Very nice gift for the Day of the Dead collector who has everything! The detail and gold paint job on the skeleton body is beautiful. Makes a nice, unusual gift. Folk art like this is traditionally hung on the children's "angelito" ofrendas on November 1. Approx 7" x 7" Made in Mexico"
$46 each

Cupcake Skeleton Chef

Some chef come with little white jackets. Papier Mache & Wire, Mexico, 7” high
A1273 $34 each
The papier mâché animals below are great for pet owners who want to celebrate the memory of past pet companions or place them on their ofrendas of loved ones who loved their pets!
skeleton cat paper mache skeleton rooster

Playful Skeleton Cat

Bone cat with whiskers. Papier mâché with wire armature painted in black & white. Mexico
13" x 9" tall

Papier Mâché Skeleton Rooster

Wire armature and strong construction. In Mexico, a rooster is a symbol of fertility and frequently shows up in nativity sets and folk art. 10" tall
Current roosters don't have any red paint - just black and white. Mexico
N2094B $52

Skeleton Long Dog

This cute little critter is adorable and will sit attentively at your heels below your bistro table! What would the waiter say? Very well constructed and painted; little painted accents on the nose and back. Long, floppy ears. 14" long x 7" tall. Mexico
(If you want, let us know if you want a sitting or standing skeleton dog in your order notes.)
A2018 $52 each

Skeleton Mama Papier Mache Angel

Angel Baby Skeleton

Skeleton Papa Papier Mache Angel

Skeleton Angel Mama

Papier mache. 7.5” tall  x 3.5” wide
A2337 $28 each

Skeleton Angel Baby

Papier mache. 5” tall x 4” wide. Mexico
A2336 $22 each

Skeleton Angel Papa

Papier mache. 7.5” tall  x 3.5” wide
A2338 $28 each

Bobble Head Paper Mache Skeleton Senorita - handmade Mexican folk art

Bobble skeleton specials!


Bobble Senorita

Papier mâché, 9" tall x 5.5" wide. Mexico
A2340 $16 each


Bobble Cowboy

Papier mâché, 9" tall x 5.5" wide. Mexico
A2339 $16 each
Bobble Head Paper Mache Skeleton Cowboy

Catrina Papier Mâché Ornament

3.5 ”high x 5.5 wide x 5” deep. Mexico

A2342 $12 each

Catrina Paper Mache Ornament
7 brightly colored papier mache spirit skull masks with smiling faces and awesome detail.

Spirit Skull Mask with Ribbons

Our new artist in the state of Guanajuato has been making these papier mache masks for over 20 years!

While I wouldn't recommend them to be used as a real useable mask without first enlarging their eyes, they are perfect for wall decor, centerpieces or hanging on the wall. These are imported as traditional folk art and not to be purchased for wearable masks for children.

Masks are 8 1/4" high, 5 1/2" wide and 3" deep.

These fun, inexpensive skull masks come in deep, bright. Assorted colors. Mexico. Please let us know if there is a color you do NOT want in the Order Notes upon checkout.

A5127 $18 each (out temporarily)

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