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F2071 $15/pair (out temporariy)

Romantic Skeleton Folk Art

...'til death do us part

Couples use Día de Los Muertos imagery because they like what it means. Amor Eterno ~ Eternal Love and Til Death Do Us Part are sayings with special meaning. It's a great way to celebrate life as a couple. Day of the Dead reminds us that life is short, the cycle of life marches on, our loving relationships will last a lifetime and the spirits of the dead are always with us. Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, marriage proposals, Valentine's Day, loving gifts of all kinds - and, of course, ofrendas.

Romantic skeleton with top hat holding flowers and a red heart

NEW Romantic Debonair Skeleton

With heart and bouquet on base. This tuxedo clad, top-hatted lover offers eternal love to his sweetie. colorful hand sculpted potato paste and wire

8” tall Peru

A4031 $32

Romantic skeleton with top hat holding flowers and a red heart close-up

Golden bride and groom retablo with doors surrounded by doves holding ribbon in their beaks

Paloma Novio Retablo

Gorgeously detailed painted retablo box with movable doors. Bridal couple inside with happy doves holding Colonial style ribbon over their heads, "Juntos hasta la muerte" (Til death do us part).

This is Angela's favorite wedding present to give. Makes a nice anniversary gift too. Painted gorgeously on both sides, inside and out! This is sure to be a cherished memento.

7 1/2" tall, 4" wide with doors closed, 2" deep. Peru

A1216 $85 each

Catrina Bistro

Day of the Dead scene. 6" high x 6" wide x 3" deep. Bistro couple made by Peruvian artists with a secret paste that covers a wire armature. On wood base. Peru
A2236 $150


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skeleton couple enjoying life in a bistro

Serenade Boat Couple

Serenade Boat Couple

M6000 $24

See more awesome museum quality skeleton folk art

Handmade white and gold skelton wedding retablo with doors. black with colorful flowers skeleton wedding retablo

NEW Rhapsody Wedding Nicho with doors

3.5 wide x 5” high x 1” deep with hanger on the back.
A3985 $60 each

NEW Field of Flowers Wedding Nicho with doors

3.5 wide x 5” high x 1” deep with hanger on the back.
A3986 $60 each
White and gold frame with milagro

Matchbook wedding couple

NEW Creamy White & Gold Mini Frame with Milagro

2.5" wide x 4" high.  The glass photo window measures 1.25" wide x 2 2.5" high. Stand in back. Assorted Milagros on top. Mexico
A3987 $22 each
A3987DOZ $225 / dozen special order

Mini Peruvian Retablo

Made from a real matchbox! Bride & groom w/doors that swing open. 2" wide x 3" high
One of Angela's favorites!
A1024 $22 each (out)

Bicycle Built for 2 Skeleton Novios

This happy couple is leaving for their honeymoon. Our wonderfully talented, young folk artist in Puebla made these tin bicycles by hand. We can't keep them in stock! The bicycle is made from soldered metal and the skeletons are clay. The bride is dressed in a lacy dress & veil as she holds on for dear life!
71/4" wide x 7.5" high x 2 deep. Mexico

A2192 $75 each (out temporarily)


bicycle built for 2 skeleton novios

closeup - romantic heart mariachi skeleton miniature

NEW Romantic Mariachi Skeleton ornament

Each holds a heart & flowers. Made from ancient potato flour paste, sculpted & molded into one-of-a kind, highly detailed skeletons. 7 inches tall with hanger loop. Peru.

A3997 $28 each
Assorted colors (out temporarily)

The Perfect Skeleton Cake Topper Bride & Groom


skeleton wedding couple cake topper with glitter couture gown

NEW The Perfect Cake Topper Bride & Groom

Cake topper, decoration & keepsake
Beautiful Novio cake topper!
4” tall x 2 3/4 “ wide. Peru.
A2247 $42 each

Joyous Couple with Glitter Couture

Exquisitely detailed and handmade by artist in Puebla, Mexico. Bride has shimmering glitter couture gown that accentuates her hips, net veil, bouquet, gold necklace & bracelet and gold wire & bead earrings that jiggle. Definitely gold Ferragamo slippers. The gent sports an elegant black tux, top hat, bow tie & boutonnière. The bulge in his pocket is probably the ring box!
Wire heads are slightly bendable. Arms are fixed. 5" tall on separate stands. Mexico
A2167 $49 / pair

Open-mouthed novios in a glass box

skeleton bride figurine with 2 cats holding her gown

Pretty centerpiece for a wedding or rehearsal dinner
- or a keepsake for the wedding.

Open-mouth Novios in a glass box

This hand made box houses the F2035 cake topper (below left) in an un-openable, hand-decorated glass box. Makes a very nice gift or addition to any Day of the Dead collection.
6" tall x 4" wide x 2 1/2" deep. Mexico
A1308 $52 each

Bride with Skeleton Dog & Cat

These adorable skeleton dog & cats carry the train of this lovely bride's gown. Perfect gift for the bride who loves her pets but can't bring them into the church! Peru
8" tall x 5" wide x 4.5" deep.
A2169 $44 each
Skeleton Novios with Bouquet Cake Topper surrounded by colorful paper flowers marital bliss caketopper Mini skeleton novio cupcake topper

Open Mouth Skeleton Novios with Bouquet Cake Topper

Bride has glitter gown, flower bouquet and a fancy veil. Bride's veil & bouquet may vary. This keepsake should be dusted off every anniversary to make you laugh and remember your wedding day! 4" tall. Mexico
A2035 $32/pair

Mini Paper Roses here

Marital Bliss Cake Topper

One of our most popular and most beautiful cake toppers! Handmade in Peru, this finely detailed wedding couple look relaxed and elegant in her gown & bouquet and his tux. Well-made and painted, just lick the icing off this cake topper and you'll have a wonderful keepsake of your special day. On wood base which can be embedded into your top layer of wedding cake. 6" tall, 3 1/2" wide, 1 3/4" deep.
A2038 $45 set

NEW Mini Novio Cupcake Topper

Precious mini novios dressed in top hat and veil with satin rose bouquet. Metallic green paint detailing the bridal gown. Great keepsake for showers, adorn cupcakes or use in finely detailed Day of the Dead artwork. Mexico. 1 1/2" tall.
A4022 $12 each
A4022DOZ $120 / dozen (12)
Cut paper bride and groom card painted clay skeleton bride and groom novio  cake topper Glamorous skeleton bride with bouquet

Bride and Groom Card

These gorgeous handmade cards have microscopically cut paper to texture the wedding gown. Frameable art. 4.5" x 5.5".
A1277 $9 each

Painted Clay Novio Cake Topper

Bride wears a stunning, sparkley bridal gown. Roses not included. Makes a very nice memento for your wedding party. 3.5" tall. One of our most popular items!
N2052 $16 / pair

Glamour Bride with Bouquet

Does she look scared or is it just her big earrings? Perfect for a wedding shower for a bride that wishes she could go barefoot to her wedding with her plunge wedding gown! Museum quality! 3 1/2" - 4 1/2" tall.
$26 each

Elegant Novio Couples

Very unique, collectible keepsake, made by a famous artist in Michoacan. Finely detailed papier mache novios dramatically decorate a Day of the Dead wedding. Place on top of or on the table in front of the wedding cake. Great anniversary present too. Excellent craftsmanship! Mexico

8" tall cake topper N2000 $140 pair

12.5" tall cake topper N2001 $165 pair

16" tall cake topper N2002 $195 pair

elegant skeleton bride and groom  cake topper small large papier mache skeleton bride and groom novio couples wedding decoration
lesbian novias skeleton cake topper Gay skeleton novios on blue base cake topper bride with red shoes and groom with a cane skeleton Novio cake topper

Lesbian Novias Cake Topper

Great gift, anniversary memento, cake topper or gifts for the wedding party. 3 1/2" high. Mexico
A1128 $28 each

Gay Novios Cake Topper

On blue base. Couldn't be more handsome in their black & white tuxes. Nice bouquet too! 3 1/2" Mexico
A2191 $28 each

Finely detailed Novio Cake Topper

Traditional Puebla mini wedding couple in all their finery - cane, tux, top hat - lace veil, gold shoes and big bust! Wired necks & separate bases. 3.5"tall
N2051 $30 /pair
From the famous Jimenez workshop in Peru
skeleton bride dogs skeleton groom dogs

Bride Skeleton Dog

3 1/2" x 2 1/2", assorted formal attire.
$24 each

Groom Skeleton Dog

3 1/2" x 2 1/2", assorted formal attire.
A1281 $24 each

Brazilian bride and groom novios caketopper Ruffled Skeleton bride and groom Novio cake topper Energetic bride and groom Skeleton cake topper novios

Brazilian Novios

On clay base. For the hot, stylin' weddings. These novios sizzle with red hats, tight pants, hips, glitter and South American rhythm. Are you going to samba at your wedding? Cute figurine can be used as a cake topper, gift or shower gift. 4" tall
F2011 $12 each

Ruffled Clay Novios

These larger novios are exquisitely detailed pieces of Peruvian folk art, with skeleton groom in tux pants & top hat, holding tightly to his gorgeous bride in stylish ruffled gown. Look good from all sides as a cake topper or standing beside the reception book or center pieces. 5" tall on 3" x 2" wood base.
A1160 $18 each

Dancing Novio Couple

Dancing bride & groom hold big bouquets of flowers for their special day. Beautiful hand detailing with ruffles, gown, veil and tux jacket. This artist makes wonderfully energetic figures showing joyous movement! 5 3/4" skeleton couple. Peru
A1214 $20 each

6 Skeleton novios - wedding couple - in decorated matchbox

NEW Skeleton Wedding Couple Matchbox

Hand painted matchboxes slide open to reveal a happy little wedding couple inside. When you want to give a little treasure of a gift, these beautiful boxes are a lovely keepsake. You can print a small sticker with the names of the bride & groom and attach it to the back of the box. 2" wide x 1.5" tall x 5" deep. Peru

A2170 $6 each

A2170-50 $250 / 50 matchboxes

Wedding Tiles

Does your martini or beer glass need a coaster? This is a great piece of Mexican folk art for any Day of the Dead collector, on nicely finished wood bases! Wedding guests can take these home. Sticker the back with the names of the bride & groom and wedding date.
4" x 4" clay tile, incised design with hand painted glaze - assorted bright colored backgrounds. Mexico.

A2171 $8.50 each
A2171-12 $90 / dozen



3 clay skeleton wedding tiles
skeleton bride and groom novios action wood toy

Marital Bliss Wedding Toy

Marital bliss is short-lived with these carved & painted wooden figures from PERU. The arms swing as you move the base back & forth! 5.5" high x 10" long. Unique, fun wedding favor, anniversary gift or stocking stuffer! Assorted colors.

A1046 $12 each

Watch Marital Bliss Toy
The Movie

Amor eterno hinged sketeton wedding couple Amor eterno hinged box with skeleton groom and pregnant bride

Amor Sterno Hinged Box with Bride & Groom

This cute little hinged box is perfect for an ofrenda for anyone who was married. The black box says, Eternal Love, but reveals a happy bride & groom when opened. 2 1/2" high x 2 1/4" wide x 3/4" deep
A1288 $18 each

Amor Sterno Hinged Box with Groom & Pregnant Bride

The black box in the right opens to reveal the two skeletons on the left. 2 1/2" high x 2 1/4" wide x 3/4" deep - A1289 $18 each
2 bride skeletons - lesbian novios in an amor eterno hinged box 2 groom skeletons - gay male novios in amor eterno hinged box

Lesbian Amor Sterno Hinged Box

The black box in the right opens to reveal the two skeletons on the left. 2 1/2" high x 2 1/4" wide x 3/4" deep - A1291 $18 each

Gay Amor Sterno Hinged Box

The black box in the right opens to reveal the two skeletons on the left. 1/2" high x 2 1/4" wide x 3/4" deep - A1292 $18 each

dancing skeleton groom tile

Dancing Wedding Couple Tiles

Beautiful Italian ceramic tiles hand painted by Amanda Cain are fired to 1800 degrees. Vibrant, lustrous colors! Great for wall plaques, trivets or cement into your wall. Border colors as shown.
Bride & Groom - 4" x 8"
F2060 $66 /set

Nice wedding or anniversary present!

dancing skeleton bride tile

We help over 500 brides & bridal consultants a year with folk art, cake toppers, hand cut papel picado banners, milagros, wedding favors and chocolate molds. Check out our Wedding Photo Gallery and Day of the Dead Themed Weddings.

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