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New Arrivals

We're extremely pleased to have found some very unusual additions to our 2017 Day of the Dead offerings! We have 4 pages of great new items to celebrate Day of the Dead, use in your classrooms, for parties and for building your ofrendas.

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Finely hand painted clay sugar skull centerpiece topped with a candle

Ofrenda Skull Centerpiece

Have you been waiting for the perfect, joyous clay sugar skull to be the focal point of your Day of the Dead celebration? This is IT.

This finely painted huge skull was painted in a woman's workshop in Guanajuato, Mexico with a garden full of detailed flowers representing rebirth & transformation. 

A thick candles crowns the top and a votive tea light can be slipped underneath to illuminate the eyes. The glittered cup on top of the skull can hold the provided candle, or used to add your personalized floral decorations. These pieces are extremely limited and precious for any family that wants a special centerpiece to remember their loved ones.

Skull is 7" high x 5" wide x 8" deep.

A5322 $125 each, with candle

Glossy Paloma Clay Skull Masks

Jalisco does two things very well - tequila and painted pottery!  These ceramic wall masks make a dynamic addition to any ofrenda - or just hang them up on the wall. 6.5" wide x 8" high x 2.5"deep. Mexico. $28 each

Marigold and Magenta Glossy Paloma Clay Skull Mask Watermelon Red and Black & White  Glossy Paloma Clay Skull Mask
A5310-Mari - Marigold Mask(left)
A5310-Mage - Magenta Mask (right) $28 each
A5310-WMRed - Watermelon Red Mask (left)
A5310-BW - Black and White Mask (right) $28 each

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6 colorful zipper charger bags with different papel picado cut paper Day of the Dead images

Day of the Dead Zipper Charger Bag

Are you worried that when you're out at the Forever Cemetery in Hollywood for Day of the Dead and need to recharge your phone that you won't have a stylish bag for your cords? These charger bags are also good for cosmetics or just a little bit of stuff. Many assorted Day of the Dead designs include skeletons, sugar skulls, catrina & charro.

A charger bag is about half the height of the pouch. 8 1/2" wide x 3 3/4" tall. Very well made & makes a nice gift.

A5124 Zipper Charger Bag $13 each

Day of the Dead Zipper Pouch

This is the newest thing from our artist's workshop in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico. Young artists have created this cool new bonding of materials that encases papel picado in a non-wrinkle-able way to a clear layer of plastic film and sew it into utilitarian small bags. All the museums in Mexico are buying these so thought we should do the same. Pouch is double the height of the cable bag and good for all kinds of things!

Assorted skeleton Day of the Dead designs. 9 1/2" wide x 6" tall.

A5121 - Zipper Pouch $15 each

Day of the Dead Blank Note Cards

Colorful 5" x 7" blank skeleton note cards with envelope!

Paco, the Skeleton bone dog, near his food bowl with dog photos on the wall. Colorful skelton head with with mustache and hat with 2 candles saying Dia de los Muertos
A5201 El Perrito $3.95 A5191 Juntos Siempre Novios $3.95 A5194 Día de Muertos $3.95

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Sugar Skull Pillows

This is the best thing I've found in a long time! These pillows are high quality, brightly embroidered and detailed in textural design. The perfect gift.

These pillows are so cute you could just hug 'em… on the sofa, on the bed, in your rocking chair, maybe the front seat of your car! Then add to your collection until you have a big bunch of bright eyed, happy sugar skulls hanging out with you.

Your friends will be crazy wanting to "borrow"  them when they come over so best be prepared to strip-search them when they leave.  All the embroidery work on these pillows make them super special.

Multi-striped sugar skull pillow with yellow eyes and colorful, elaborate stitched decorations.

Brown sugar skull pillow with magenta flower eyes and colorful, elaborate stitched decorations

Multi-striped sugar skull pillow with yellow eyes and colorful, elaborate stitched decorations.

Multi Stripped Sugar Skull Pillow

14" x 11", 50% Polyester, 50% Acrylic
A5183 $60 each

Sugar Skull with Magenta Flower Eyes Pillow

14" x 10", 100% cotton
A5181 $60 each (out temporarily)

Black Stripped Sugar Skull Pillow

14" x 11", 50% Polyester, 50% Acrylic
A5184 $60 each

Colorful light blue and purple primavera pillow with flowers and birds.

Colorful happy Frida skeleton with braids pillow

Skeleton Frida pillow with silver earrings and a corona of sugar skulls and flowers

Primavera Pillow

15" x 15"
A5188 $55 each

Frida with Braids Pillow

13.5" x 18.5", 100% cotton
A5186 $68 each (out temporarily)

Frida with Corona & Silver Earrings Pillow

large 17.5" x 17.5", 100% cotton
A5187 $72 each (out temporarily)

Lime green sugar skull pillow with orange flower eyes and colorful, elaborate stitched decorations

Pair of sugar skull pillows - lime green and hot pink - with orange flower eyes and colorful, elaborate decorations

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Hot pink sugar skull pillow with orange flower eyes and colorful, elaborate stitched decorations

Lime Green Sugar Skull Pillow

14" x 10", 50% Polyester - 50% cotton
A5182 $55 each

Hot Pink Sugar Skull Pillow

14" x 10", 50% Polyester - 50% cotton
A5185 $55 each

Handmade Flowers from Mexico

Colorful gigante handmade paper flowers held by the artist in San Miguel, MexicoWe have an awesome assortment of new paper flowers. Perfect for your ofrenda - and more! Check them all out in our Flowers collection.

All of our new handmade paper flowers from Mexico.

Birthday Banners ~ Turn a birthday into a fiesta!

Birthday papel picado are cut by hand from high quality tissue paper in Puebla, Mexico. A large string has 10 "pages" and extends to approximately 20 feet. $18 per strand.
Section of 2 Birthday Sizzle cut tissue paper papel picado banners featuring Rosa Mexicana color Happy Birthday banner

Section of 2 Birthday Blues cut tissue paper papel picado banners featuring sugar skull line and birthday cake banners

Birthday Sizzle Large Paper Banner

Colors - Rosa Mexicana, grape & marigold
Designs - Happy Birthday, rose & birthday cake

B4041 $18 / strand

Birthday Blues Large Paper Banner

Colors - Royal blue, deep turquoise and lemon yellow.
Designs - Happy Birthday, birthday cake & sugar skull line

B4040 $18 / strand

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Frida Mesh Market Bags

I think Frida Kahlo would roll her eyes if she saw her image & artwork on a bag, but the rest of us sure enjoy these practical mesh market bags. Frida actually used market bags on her beloved trips to the Coyoacan open air market - but they weren't these hard as nails, cadillac quality, mesh market bags - double deep, double strong handles with triple rivets.

Easy to clean and ample in size, these sassy market bags can be used for the gym, overnight trips or just a fun run around town bag where you want people to subtly notice you are sophisticated yet fun.

These bags are designed by us, sewn by women in Mexico City with the highest quality mesh & trim. Totes measure 16" wide x 17" tall x 8" deep.
Now with LONG handles.

Open Frida Mesh Market Bag with a skull in Frida's "third eye"
NEW Peony Frida Mesh Market Bag

A5113 $22 each


NEW Juchitan Frida Mesh Market Bag
A5114 $22 each

NEW Dos Fridas Mesh Market Bag
A5116 $22 each (out temporarily)

NEW Monkey Frida Mesh Market Bag
A5115 $22 each

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Mesh Market Bag

Rack of  8 colorful mesh market bags.

These premium extra large and strong mesh markets bags are made in a women’s workshop in Mexico City. These totes are great for heavy loads of groceries, art supplies or overnight travel.

High quality bias tape, double strong handles, triple riveted, double wide gussets will make your customers rock stars at their local Farmers Market. Assorted colors. 17 1/2" wide x 16" tall x 7 1/2" deep.

A5168 $12 each

Seamstress at the women's workshop in Mexico City that makes our mesh market bags.

Day of the Dead T-shirts

These new shirts are made from the famous Peruvian cotton - luxurious long soft cotton fibers from the valleys of Peru. This very, very soft 100% cotton makes for a very comfortable T-shirt. Please note these may run a bit small. Men may want to order a larger size.

Dark grey tee shirt with colorful dancing skeletons. Black tee shirts with an extraordinary silver sugar skull.

New Mexican Hat Dance T-shirt

A classic Posada design of the fandango, this design celebrates the joy of Day of the Dead. What woman wouldn't want to rattle her bones while topless, wearing only a red skirt??? It's hard to see, but the skeleton bones are metallic colored. A fun shirt to wear year round! $24 each

2X A5024-2X   |   3X A5024-3X

Medium A5024-M   |   Large  A5024-L  |   X Large A5024-XL
(out temporarily)

Silver Sugar Skull T-Shirt

You won't be able to sneak through the cemetery with this silver sugar skull shimmering as you walk! It looks much better than the photo. The shirt is dark black and the skull is bright metallic silver. The 11 inch high skull is beautiful with a heart at the bottom and a marigold at the top. This is a gorgeous shirt! $24 each

X Large A5025-XL   |  2X A5025-2X

Medium A5025-M   |   Large A5025-L   |   3X A5025-3X
(out temporarily) 

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cover - Dayof the Dead / Dia de los Muertos by Pam Bacich

Day of the Dead • Día de los Muertos

by Pam Bacich

Photographer Pam Bacich has been traveling to Mexico since 2002 to take part in the Day of the Dead celebrations in villages and cities and in cemeteries large and small. Graveyard celebrations and quiet moments of reflection, plus all of the events leading up to Day of the Dead are captured in 132 dazzling, one-of-a-kind color photographs. Text, in English and Spanish, gives the reader insight into this beautiful and spiritual family holiday that celebrates life and death and honors the memory of deceased loved one. 120 pages, 132 color photographs. 11.6 x 10.9 x 0.7 inches. English and Spanish text. Hardcover. Medal Winner in the 2015 Independent Publishers Awards

B5152 $39.95 each

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Gift Certificate

Let your Day of the Dead / sugar skull loving friends and family choose their own gift! Send by email (delivered in 1-2 business days) or printed (delivered in 3-7 business days). Read more here.

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Gift Certificate "package" from

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