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New Day of the Dead

We're extremely pleased to have found some awesome additions to our skeleton and Dia de los Muertos collection.

Be sure to check out our NEW Day of the Dead featured arrivals, NEW skeleton folk art and gifts $15 or under


Skeletons & Day of the Dead iconic symbols to fit every budget!

XL Bendable Novios

Are you having a really big wedding cake? These hand made jumbo sized novios might just be what you need so that your uncle Charlie in the back of the reception hall can see them. These dramatic novios are put together with wire so you can move their arms, legs, heads & bodies…. Are you thinking of a little animation in your video? These would be lots of fun to use in your wedding photography.

The black wood base is 2" x 6" and these are made with love in great detail by the nicest artist in Puebla, Mexico. 10.5' high x 6" wide x 2" deep.

Makes a great anniversary & Valentines day "amor eterno" present too!

A5172 $65 each

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Beautiful, happy, bendable jumbo-sized skeleton novios on a black platform

Carmen Headband

A5287 $12 each

Papier Mâché Boutineer

A5312 $6 each

Frida Headband

A5286 $12 each
Headband with colorful bunched papier mache flowers and long ribbon strands. Colorful papier mache boutineers

Headband with colorful papier mache flowers across the top and long ribbon strands.

Papier mâché flower accessories made in Mexico City. Assorted colors.

Catrina Mesh Market Bag

Catrina Mesh Market Bag

This Catrina bag is a cadillac quality, mesh market bag - double deep, double strong handles with triple rivets. Easy to clean and ample in size, this market bags can be used for the gym, overnight trips or just a fun run around town bag where you want people to subtly notice you are sophisticated yet fun. It sports a classic colorized Posada image of the rich French woman, Catrina. While Catrina is iconic for Day of the Dead, this bag can be used all year long.

This market bag is designed by us, sewn by women in Mexico City with the highest quality mesh & trim. 16" wide x 17" tall x 8" deep.

A5119 $22 each

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Blank plaster skull calaca

Calacazo Paintable Skull Ornament

Plaster skull calaca comes unpainted with a little hook on top.
3” high x 2” wide x 1” thick

A2350 $8 / 2 pieces

More Craft Supplies

Lifesize poster of 3 smiling skeleton mariachis in full dress with sketeton belt buckles & big sombreros.

Life-size poster with 3 awesome smiling women skeletons in beautiful dresses, one holding a skeleton bird in a cage.

Calavera Mariachis

Stunning life-size tag board poster - 53" tall x 25.5" wide
(Cutout shown on white background.) Made in Mexico.
Folded for shipping.

A5141 $24 each

Las Tres Comadres

Life-size tag board poster - 53 1/2" tall x 24" wide
(Cutout shown on white background). Made in Mexico.
Folded for shipping.

A5142 $24 each

More Day of the Dead Paper Decorations

Skeleton cat framed in marigolds with a red ball of yarn

Skeleton Cat

8 inches x 5 inches (left). Made in Mexico.
(shown on gold background)
A4017 $3 each

Skeleton Dog

8 inches x 5 inches. Made in Mexico.
(shown on gold background)
A4018 $3 each

In Mexico, dead dogs and cats would never be honored on an ofrenda because it's against the Catholic belief that animals are let into heaven, or allowed to return to visit with their families. True Day of the Dead believers in Mexico would cringe and think it insulting & in very bad taste to see Americans building ofrendas for their dead pets.

However, these skeleton dogs and cats are intended to be hung on home ofrendas of pet lovers so the returning spirit might enjoy the memory of their beloved pets when they return.

Skeleton dog framed in marigolds with dog bones in a purple bowl

Large black cloth veil with elaborate white hand sewn skeleton

Black Skeleton Veil

This hand sewn design of a skeleton in an ornate outfit is a spectacular museum quality piece of needlework depicting a female skeleton in a very ornate dress.

This rare Day of the Dead piece may be hung on the wall, draped on a casket or worn as a rebozo. It's huge! Nepal.

97" x 59" (Approx. 8 x 5 feet)

A5153 $225

3 skeleton pattern eyeglass cases with a pair of glasses Sugar skulls with Hearts & Roses fabric eyeglass case Muertos Fiesta sugar skull pattern fabric eyeglass case Sugar Skull on Black fabric soft eyeglass case

Skeleton Eyeglass Cases

(left) Sugar Skulls with Hearts & Roses
CL4012 $15 each

(center) Muertos Fiesta in Red
CL4011 $15 each

(right) Sugar Skulls on Black
CL4010 $15 each

Skeleton Ballerinas with magenta skirts Dangle Earrings



Happy Skeleton Novios - bride and groom - dangling earrings


Skeleton Ballerina Earrings

Vivacious and fun mini clay skeleton ballerinas can dance on your ears! Take a few pairs to your Day of the Dead party and share! These are lovingly made by artists in Puebla, Mexico. 1 1/2" tall. Mexico

A4021 15 /pair

Skeleton Novio Earrings

Be prepared for DoD-themed weddings! My Puebla artists are totally insane to make these ultra mini bride & groom earrings! After making the teensy-tinsey skeleton bodies they sew the bride's dress & veil. Very sweet, hand made bridal party favor. When I wear these to Starbuck's, I get a lot of comments! 1 1/2" tall. Mexico

A4020 $15 / pair

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Earrings with Skeleton Cupcake Girls with pink skirts holding a cupcake. Earrings with Skeleton photographers  with pink skirts holding a cupcake.

Skeleton Cupcake Girl Earrings

These are lovingly made by artists in Puebla, Mexico. 1 1/2" tall.

A5267 $15 / pair

Skeleton Photographer Earrings

Puebla, Mexico. 1 1/2" tall.

$15 / pair

Earrings with Skeleton man & woman mariachis playing guitars. Earrings with Skeleton man & woman bullfighter with glitter red capes.

Skeleton Man & Woman Mariachi Earrings

Puebla, Mexico. 1 1/2" tall.

$15 / pair

Skeleton Woman & Man Bullfighter Earrings

Puebla, Mexico. 1 1/2" tall.

$15 / pair

Day of the Dead Hats

2 Day of the Dead tag board party hats - a top hat with sugar skulls and a Catrina hat

How cool is this??? These large flat hats, printed with colorful sugar skulls & bright flowers & ostrich feathers will be a blast to wear at a party, school or at festivals around town on November 1. The11 inch slit allows the hat to open up to a 22 inch circumference to fit most any adult head. Slit can be increased slightly if necessary, or made smaller for children, by taping the slit closed with strong tape. These really are quite nice and fit snugly on my head. These are the most cleaver thing I've seen for Day of the Dead fun.

Cover your head with Top Hat decorated with sugar skulls (12 1/2" wide x 14.5" high) or a Catrina Hat (17.5" wide x 9" high). Set comes with one of each hat. Made in Mexico. (shown on gold background with marigold top). Sugar skull masks are here

A4051 $8 / pack with one of each hat

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