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Does anyone make fried chicken and go on a picnic any more? I'm not talking going to the dog park and opening a few containers from Trader Joe's, but a real "mess of fried chicken" some potato salad and a big pan of brownies? I think this plain & simple red check oilcloth would get you in the nostalgic mood for a trip back to yesteryear. Take a triple dose of Lovastatin, buy a big breasted pullet, look up Paula Dean's best fried chicken recipe and Google a nice park in your area while your red check oilcloth arrives. If any smart aleck kids ask you what you're doing in their park with your picnic basket, tell them to go watch Andy of Mayberry! (Now that theme song will bug you all day!)

Picnic check in red Mexican oilcloth pattern

Picnic Check in RED Mexican oilcloth pattern


Red Check Rectanglular Mexican Oilcloth Picnic Tablecloth

Available as a 86" x 47" Picnic Tablecloth - beautifully stitched and hemmed on the perimeter.
Perfect for a 6 foot picnic table!


Available by the foot & by the roll


Custom Mexican Oilcloth Tablecloths

If you have a special design in mind for a round or long rectangular table, we can help. We have a seamstress who can make your idea a reality!

Sometimes you need something wider than a 47" piece of oilcloth. We can make several different patterns, sizes with your choice of fabrics. Want an umbrella hole? No problem! Do you need a super large 90" diameter tablecloth for your restaurant? No problem.

Find out more about our custom tablecloths!


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