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Oilcloth Tablecloths

Round Rectangular • Double Delight •  Holiday Day of the Dead

In stock Round Oilcloth Tablecloths

As seen in Parade Magazine's Party Like 'The Chew" Crew. Mario Batali's Michigan Beach Party cherry-motif oilcloth tablecloth is our Double Delight Cherries on Red pattern with Red Polka-dot on White border.

All of our tablecloths can be ordered in custom sizes in round or rectangular designs to meet you needs!

For the retro kitchen or stylish patio tablecloth with a surged edge for durability. Easy to clean with soapy water.

These round tablecloths have been beautifully made from Mexican oilcloth. They are 68 - 70 inches in diameter, strongly stitched, and hemmed on the perimeter with special fabric bias tape. The center seam is stitched so it lays flat on the table. If you want to calculate your overhang, subtract the diameter of your table from 68, then divide by two. This is the number of inches of overhang you would have on any side of your table.

Click on a tablecloth photo to see a close-up image of the oilcloth pattern.
The table in some of the photos below is 24" in diameter.

Round Red Chile Peppers on Yellow Mexican oilcloth tablecloth in a garden Round Animales on Red Mexican oilcloth tablecloth in a restaurant garden
NEW Red Chile Peppers on Yellow - CL661 $68 each NEW Animales on Red - CL665 $68 each
Floral on orange round Mexican tablecloth in a restaurant surrounded by chairs Round hibiscus on green Mexican oilcloth tablecloth in a restaurant garden
NEW Floral on Orange - CL666 $68 each NEW Hibiscus on Green - CL664 $68 each

When I think of beautiful Mexican kitchens, I conjure up pictures of thick adobe walls, hand painted tiles, wood carved spoons and clay cooking pots. Old kitchens would always have big buckets of fresh flowers, cascades of fresh fruit and herbs, braids of garlic and red chiles hanging over the stone metate.

In the 1930's, oilcloth fabric became a bright & colorful addition to the kitchen, work area, dining room and open-air market food stalls. It came in many delightful designs, which were influenced by European textile designs of the day.

We carry the best oilcloth available; many designs come from re-engraved rollers that originated back in 1930's Mexico.

Frida style Mexican oilcloth tablecloth Round Frida on Lime Green Mexican Oilcloth Tablecloth
Frida on Black - CL637 $68 each Frida on Lime Green - CL641 $68 each
Animalitos in green round oilcloth tablecloth Yellow Poppy design round Mexican Oilcloth tablecloth
Animales on Green - CL631 $68 each Poppy on Yellow - CL636 $68 each
Animalitos in orange round oilcloth tablecloth Round Floral on Black Mexican Oilcloth Tablecloth
Animales on Orange - CL630 $68 each Floral on Black - CL642 $68 each
round Animalitos on black oilcloth tablecloth Round red tablecloth
Animales on Black - CL632 $68 each (out temporarily) Pears & Apples on Red - CL130 $68 each

Click on a tablecloth photo to see a close-up image of the oilcloth pattern

Round red oilcloth tablcloth with greeen chili peppers and red bias trim. Beautiful 68 inch round oilcloth tablecloth with fields of blue, red, yellow and orange flowers.
Green Chile Peppers on Red - CL656 $68 each Flower Fields on Black - CL657 $68 each
Round Primavera on Black Mexican Oilcloth Tablecloth in a park-like setting 68 inch round oilcloth tablecloth with awesome blue, red and yellow flowers on a blue background.
Primavera on Black - CL644 $68 each Flower Fields on Light Blue - CL658 $68 each
Round green oilcloth tablecloth Round Oilcloth Tablecloth in Tropic on Red pattern with beautiful fruits and flowers.
Mums on Green - CL128 $68 each Tropic on Red - CL655 $68 each
Round Black Paradise Pattern on White Mexican Oilcloth Tablecloth Round Hibiscus on Royal Blue Mexican Oilcloth Tablecloth
Paradise, Black on White - CL154 $68 each Hibiscus on Royal Blue - CL645 $68 each
Round Cherries on Red Mexican Oilcloth Tablecloth  
Cherries on Red - CL646 $68 each  

Double Delight Oilcloth Tablecloths - exclusively ours!

These gorgeous two-toned round oilcloth tablecloths feature our most popular designs in the middle and coordinates them with a fun, second pattern around the edge. There are no seams down the middle which can make your dish ware not sit flat. (Glasses that wobble in Spanish are said to “bailen”, or dance on top the table - chairs "bailen" also!)

Cherry in Black double delight tablecloth
Frida on Black with polka dot Double Delight Mexican Oilcloth Tablecloth closeup

Double Delight tablecloths are finished with sewn bias tape around the bottom edge for a great look!

Our round tablecloths do not come with umbrella holes, so they may be use inside the house as well. If kept out of extreme heat and direct sunshine, oilcloth is quite durable and an excellent choice for the patio. Fold marks (creases) relax and smooth out in a short time - faster in warm weather.

70 inch diameter

$68 each –– in stock!

Cherries in red with polkadot trim round oilcloth tablecloth closeup
Frida on Black with white polka-dot on black border. CL548 $68 each Cherry in Red with red polka-dot on white border. CL518 $68 each

In stock Picnic Table Oilcloth Tablecloths

Made from authentic Mexican oilcloth. 86 inches x 47 inches, beautifully stitched and hemmed on the perimeter. Perfect for a 6 foot picnic table! Custom picnic tablecloths can be made in any oilcloth pattern. Info & prices for custom rectangular tablecloths here

Frida on Black rectangular Mexican oilcloth Picnic Tablecloth Did you ever wonder why Frida Kahlo wore all those heavy embroidered huipiles (Indian blouses) that were indigenous to Southern Oaxaca?

Gorgeous, yes. Bold and colorful, yes. Perhaps they reminded her of the sultry, humid jungle nights spent lounging in a hammock, or the savory memories of nibbling on roasted iguana...

The Tehuana women in Tehuantepec were a bold matriarchal bunch of women who managed ranches, businesses and controlled wealth... and would party hard, drink to excess and swear like drunken sailors. She admired them and their beautiful needlework. This oilcloth pattern copies their traditional bold floral designs.

Frida on Black Picnic Tablecloth (left)
CL640 $70 each

Red Check Rectangular Mexican Oilcloth Picnic Tablecloth Frida on lime green rectangular picnic table cloth in a park setting
Red Check Picnic Tablecloth - CL647 $70 each Frida on Lime Green Picnic Tablecloth
Note: with orange trim - CL648 $70 each
day of the dead themed oilcloth - 3 colors

Day of the Dead Design

Square Oilcloth Tablecloth

47 inches x 47 inches

CL1319 Black on Orange - see sample

CL1320 Black on Yellow - sample

CL1321 Black on Purple - sample

CL1322 Black on White - sample

$25 each

Note - Tablecloths no longer come with paper wrapper.

Holiday Oilcloth Tablecloths & Apron

poinsetta on red rectangular oilcloth tablecloth Round poinsettia on red oilcloth tablecloth
Poinsetta on red with red polka dot Mexican oilcloth apron

Poinsettia in Red Oilcloth Tablecloth

Perfect red holiday tablecloth will transform a room into a FIESTA room! No need to buy that crunchy garland - just add tequila! 84" x 47" rectangle finished with sewn bias tape around the edges. (top left)
CL633 $70 each

Poinsettia in Red Oilcloth Round Tablecloth

This is a finished 70" round tablecloth that looks good on a 30" to 54" diameter table. Red bias tape sewn around the bottom edge. Holds up well with lasagna, tamales or turkey! (top right)
CL634 $68 each

Retro Poinsettia Oilcloth Apron

Full apron with alternating gores of poinsettia on red and red polka dots on white Mexican oilcloth. Retro 1950’s style apron will make you spontaneously belt out Bing Crosby and Perry Como Christmas songs as you uncontrollably prance around your house. Apron measures 29” length and 26” width at waist with long 25” ties on each side. No pockets. Fits nicely on cooks with up to 48” waists! These are custom made for us by a local artisan. Nice gift for mamacita or hostess gift.
CL635 $36 each


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Prop 65 Warning Because of the presence of the phthalate DEHP (a vinyl softener present in almost all vinyl’s) in oilcloth, we post the following Prop. 65 warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.


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