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Skeleton Miniature Figurines

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Day of the Dead is celebrated throughout Mexico and the Catholic world. Italy, Spain, South America and the Philippines all celebrate All Souls and All Saints Day on November 1st and 2nd. Special Masses and perhaps cleaning of the cemetery tombs are part of the traditional activities. It's only in Central and Southern Mexico where the colorful parties take place in the cemeteries and elaborate ofrenda altars are built in the homes to honor specific family members who have passed on Día de Los Muertos.

In addition to these skeleton miniatures, please enjoy our Our Favorite Skeletons and Collector's Gallery

5 Skeleton women mariachis playing ups a storm.

NEW Women's Mariachi

Clay skeleton mariachi playing up a storm. Approximately 3 inches tall. Set of 5.

A5259 Women's Mariachi $36 / set of 5

Skeleton miniature with wearing hauraches, serapte and campensino straw hat having a smoke next to a  nopal cactus plant. skeleton business man with attache case Male Skeleton School Teacher

NEW Skeleton Sitting on Nopal

Old Mexico tipico is depicted here in this cigarette smoking skeleton taking his siesta! Our Puebla artist didn't miss any details: huaraches, serape, campesino straw hat and even the prickly pears on top of the cactus. 4” tall x 2 ½ inches wide, clay. Mexico

A4032 $24 each

Skeleton Businessman

Perfect to adorn the ofrenda of a businessman, attorney, insurance salesman or politician. 4” high. Mexico

A2186 $18 each

Mr. Skeleton School Teacher

Who wouldn't want to immortalize their male math teacher as a skeleton? 1”x 2” wide x 4” high. Mexico

A2184 $20 each

NEW Castillo Skeleton Bone Dog and Cat

To remember past pets. Very well detailed Castillo Style pottery. Assorted hats and items in mouth. Approx. 3 1/2" tall. Mexico
3 Castillo skeleton cats with hats and goodies in their mouths 2 Castillo skeleton bone dogs with hats and day of the dead items in their mouths
(note tail!) Castillo Bone Cat A5261 $26 each Castillo Bone Dog A5262 $26 each

Explore our extensive Castillo style Day of the Dead Folk Art Collection

skeleton piano player,

Rockin' Skeleton Band

Sold separately - $16 each

Skeleton Bongo Player

3" high x 1 1/2" wide x 2" deep
Bongo player A2054 each

Skeleton Drummer

2 1/2" high x 2" wide x 2 1/4" deep
Drummer A2055 each (out)

Skeleton Piano Player

2 1/2" high x 1 1/2" wide x 2 1/4 deep
Piano player A2056 each

Luchador miniature figurine Luchador skeleton mini

Skeleton Luchador

Assorted mask designs, 3.5" tall

A1111 $16 each

Mini Luchador Skeletons in glass box

This skeleton box will be enjoyed by any muerto who loved the lucha. 2" tall x 3" wide x 1 1/2" deep. Mexico

A1283 $22 each

skeleton classroom in a glass box

Skeleton Classroom in glass box

Perfect for a returning spirit of a school teacher. This classroom would remind the teacher of all those fun days teaching math and geography. A very nice piece of folk art!
1 ¾” deep x 6” wide x 2 ½” high

A2182 $32 each

day of the dead altar table Colorful hand-painted ash tray with decorated with a happy skeleton sitting on the edge.

Day of the Dead Altar Table

This wood table exemplifies a feast fit for a muerto! It's heaped up with sugar skulls, candles, sugar cane, pan de muerto, cempasuchil, copal incense burner and a big pot of mole covered in sesame seeds. 4" high x 4" wide x 3" deep. Mexico

A1293 $24 each

Calavera Ash Tray

Hand painted clay. Assorted Calaveras with bottles are sitting to watch over your cigarettes, rings, jewels, paper clips or other precious items on your vanity, desk or ofrenda. Tray is 4.5 square. Calavera is 5” tall. No two the same. Mexico

A4035 $36 each

Mini Skeleton folk art is commonly used to adorn home altars but can also be found decorating the tombs on November 2. Happy skeletons are depicted as they were in life: dancers, brides & grooms (novios), occupations, romantically involved or just taking it easy!

Super Skeleton Miniatures - 2" tall with fabulous detail

super chef miniature skeleton Super Catrina miniature skeleton super lady matador miniature skelton super skeleton miniature novios Super skeleton miniature nun with gold rosary

Super Mini Chef

2" tall
A1334 $6 each

Super Mini Catrina

in magenta, 2" tall
A1333 $6 each

Super Mini Lady Matador

assorted colors, 2" tall
A1337 $6 each

Super Mini Novios

bride & groom, 2" tall
A1335 $12 / pair

Super Mini Nun

in black, 2" tall
A1336 $6 each
Bride and Groom skeleton for Day of the Dead cake topper for sale traditional dance mini skeletons computer geek skeleton figureine for Day of the Dead

Mini Skeleton Novio Cake Topper

1.5" tall on wood base

A1123 $14 each

Skeleton Traditional Mexican Dancers

Apache M6011 | Fan Top Aztec M6012

Guerrero Tigre, M6013 | Huichol Deer M6014

$16 each

Skeleton Computer Geek Guy

Glazed pottery. 2.75" h x 2" x 1" w. Peru

A1105 $11 each (out temporarily)

The mini skeletons below are approximately 3 1/2 inches tall, or in a scale close to that, and come from artisans in Oaxaca and Puebla. Many of these skeletons take several hours to make. Please know that the artist never makes two things exactly the same or he'd get bored! You may receive a different hair color or outfit color than shown here. We sell the nicest quality, most detailed limited edition mini skeleton figures available.

skeleton chef with cooking hat, black plaid pants, and tray of food skeleton cocktail waitress with tray and bright red hair skeleton holding diploma 89989skeleton bicycle rider on a bike

Skeleton Chef

Approx. 3 1/2" tall

M6007 $16 each

Skeleton Waitress
('til you die!)

Approx. 3 1/2" tall

M6003 $16

The Skeleton Graduate

Approx. 3 1/2" tall

M6024 $16

Skeleton Bicycle Rider

4" t x 4" w x 2" deep

A1301 $16

skeleton vampire with black cape and red mouth skeleton novio couple dressed beautifully mini skeleton doctor looking at an x-ray colorful drunk mini skeleton

Skeleton Vampire

Approx. 3 1/2" tall

M6026 $16

Finely detailed Novios

Approx. 3 1/2" tall
N2051 $30 pair
(out temporarily)

Skeleton Doctor

holding Skeleton x-ray. Approx. 3 1/2" tall
M6015 $16 each
(out temporarily)

Skeleton Panzon Drunk

Approx. 3 1/2" tall

M6002 $16

In addition to these miniatures, please enjoy our Our Favorite Skeletons and Collector's Gallery

skeleton math teacher mini skeleton waitress holding a tray of cupcakes skeleton waiter

Ms. Skeleton School Teacher

Of course, who wouldn't want to immortalize their male math teacher as a skeleton? 4 1/2" high (to top of black board), 2" wide x 1" deep. Mexico

A2053 $20 each (out temporarily)

Skeleton Cupcake Girl

One of our most favorite skeletons. Big cherries & big earrings! 4" high. Mexico

M6034 $18 each (out temporarily)

Skeleton Waiter

A very detailed and well made piece of folk art - glasses, bottle, tie, towel... 4” high. Mexico

A2185 $16 each (out temporarily)

Guadalupe ofrenda mini

Mini Guadalupe Ofrenda in Glass Box

This mini wood & glass box highlights a mini ofrenda covered with lace tablecloths. Ofrenda welcomes the spirits with sugar skulls, candles, fruit, food and the picture of the Virgin herself. The charro is serenading the returning spirits and the decked out skeleton woman is ready to dance in her patriotic dress - the color of the Mexican flag. 2" tall x 3" wide x 1 1/2" deep. Mexico 

A1284 $22 each (out temporarily)

Matchbook wedding couple Matador skeleton Day of the Dead figurine

Mini Peruvian Retablo

Made from real matchbox! Skeleton Bride & Groom w/doors that swing open. 2" wide x 3" high

A1024 $22 each (out)

Skeleton Matador

Assorted colors, 3.5" tall

A1110 $16 each (out temporarily)

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