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Repoussé Ornaments

Thai craftswoman making an repousse ornament

Our friends at Pilgrim Imports in Wisconsin are doing great work in many villages in Thailand. They are devoted to working with over 400 artisans, providing great working conditions and supporting home based family workshops and getting money directly into the artist's pockets. They produce gorgeous, hand hammered ornaments for the holidays or year round decorations. These delightful family workshops, where young workers are reviving old traditional repoussé metal work, are making ornate & whimsical ornaments for Day of the Dead. These collectible works of art are assemblage of brass, metal and copper, then hammered, soldered, beaded and etched.

Repousse metal work was introduced to Mexico during the French control of Mexico in the late 1800's and has been around ever since. Church decor, metal art, jewelry and tourist art still draws heavily from the repousse technique of hammering and stretching sheet metals into beautiful folk art.

Although this work isn't from Mexico, I thought our customers would like to assist this worthy project to support these talented artists, while enjoying their excellent craftsmanship.

Definition - Repoussé, method of decorating metals in which parts of the design are raised in relief from the back side by hammering and stretching the metal. The name repoussé is derived from the French pousser, “to push forward.” This ancient technique, which has been used extensively throughout the history of metalworking, achieved widespread popularity in Europe during the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. -

Repousee Chef ornament with a skeleton fish, dangling earrings, golden skillet and shoes. Repousee Sugar Skull Ornament

Repousse Novios (skeleton bride & groom) ornament

NEW Repoussé Chef with Skeleton Fish Ornament

This skeleton chef prefers fried fish over tamales! Her big, fashion forward moveable earrings compliment her chef hat, floral dress and gold high heels. Her fish wiggles as she grips it with her oven mitt before sautéing it in her French gold skillet in a reduction tamarind & wine sauce. Great gift for any of your DoD loving friends who love to eat!

A4108 $20

Repoussé Sugar Skull Ornament 

This fanciful sugar skull has beading on both sides. A mixture of twisted wire, flowers & leaves, hearts & crosses decorate this smiling skull. 2.5" x 3.5"

A2311 $20

Repoussé Novios Ornament

Remember a wedding or anniversary with this elaborate skeleton couple. Novios are beaded & worked on both sides although front is primary. Bony kneed groom has fancy shoes and carries his bouquet carrying bride across the threshold. 4" x 3"

A2317 $22 each

Repousee Virgin of Guadalupe Ornament Repousse Catrina Skeleton Ornament

Repousse Skeleton Mariachi Ornament

Repoussé Guadalupe Ornament

Elegant and graceful, this gorgeous Virgin is nestled between exquisitely beaded latticework. She's made from copper, brass & metal that's been hammered with pretty patterns. The Juan Diego angel is at her feet surrounded by roses. 3" x 5"

A2315 $22

Repoussé Catrina Ornament

The catrina skeleton is the classic, iconic Mexican skeleton made famous by Guadalupe Posada. Representing the rich French who ruled Mexico in the late 1800's, this catrina boasts her big ostrich feathered hat, and fancy dress. Mixed metals, 5" x 2.5"

A2314 $20

Repoussé Mariachi Ornament

This skeleton mariachi is playing a serenade on his gold guitar! This mariachi, in copper, metal and brass, has a fancy decorated guitar, jeweled boots and adorned outfit. Back side is beaded too. 4.5" x 3"

A2316 $20 each

Mission statement

"At Pilgrim Imports, Inc., we are working together for good with over 400 individuals in several countries. It is our corporate policy to guarantee the well-being and rights of those individuals who labor to make the products we sell. Their rights to make a living are first and foremost.

We have a commitment to ethical sourcing which refer to laws, regulations, child labor, collective bargaining, discipline, discrimination, wages, benefits, health, safety and the environment. In light of this we make sure people have a job and access to markets. In this way we can continue to enable the craftspeople and workers who make the product can continue to make a fair and living wage."

Repousse Skeleton Bone Dog Ornament Colorful Respousse skeleton bicyclist ornament

Repoussé Bone Dog Ornament

The detail work on this skeleton dog is astounding on both sides... it's like a piece of jewelry with the colored stones, beaded tail and hand cut bone assemblage. A wonderful gift for a Day of the Dead dog lover who can enjoy the bone dog all year long. 4" x 3.5"

A2313 $22 each

Repoussé Skeleton Cyclist Ornament

Bike aficionados will love this intricate, hand hammered skeleton on a souped up cycle. This 3D piece is equally elaborate on both sides. Yes, the wheels turn! 5" tall x 4" wide (+ 2 1/4" hanger.)

A2312 $24 each

Thai craftsmen cutting  repousse ornament

French pronunciation[ʁəpuse] ( listen); [ʁəpusaʒ] ( listen)

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