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Skeleton Ceramic Tiles

Beautiful Italian ceramic tiles hand painted by Amanda Cain are fired to 1800 degrees. Vibrant, lustrous colors! Great for wall plaques, trivets or cement into your wall. Border colors as shown on black backgound.

dancing skeleton groom tile dancing skeleton bride tile dancing male skeleton dancing female skeleton

Dancing Wedding Couple

Bride & Groom - 4" x 8" (Nice wedding present!)
F2060 $66 /set

Mexican Hat Dance - Mexican Couple

4" x 8"
F2065 $66 /set
Catrina Tile

Catrina Tile

6" x 6"
F2066 $34 each


Skeleton Chef Tile

6" x 6"
F2059 $34 each
skeleton Chef tile

Skeleton Mermaid Tile

7.75" x 4"
F2068 $34 each

skeleton mermaid tile

Skeleton Mariachi Tiles

Tiles are 4" x 7.75"
mariachi tile with skeleton playing a violin mariachi tile with skeleton playing a guitar mariachi tile with skeleton playing a saxophone mariachi tile with skeleton playing a harp mariachi tile with skeleton playing a trumpet
Musico - Violin
F2062 $34
Musico - Guitar
F2061 $34
Musico - Saxophone
F2067R $34 (red border)
(shown with blue border)
Musico - Harp
F2064 $34
Musico - Trumpet
F2063 $34

3 clay skeleton wedding tiles

Wedding Tiles

Does your martini or beer glass need a coaster? This is a great piece of Mexican folk art for any Day of the Dead collector, on nicely finished wood bases! Wedding guests can take these home. Sticker the back with the names of the bride & groom and wedding date.

4" x 4" clay tile, incised design with hand painted glaze - assorted bright colored backgrounds. Mexico.

A2171 $5 each
A2171-12 $50 / dozen

Skeleton Vaquero Tiles

Cowboy skeletons in boots & sombreros romp through lush gardens playing music, dancing, drinking and playing with man’s best friend, the skeleton dog. These high fire, intricately glazed 6" x 6" tile would make a nice trivet, wall plaque or can be used as tile to cement into a wall – indoors or out. Back side has a masonite backing with wall hanger.

$28 each

Skeleton cabillaro playing a guitar with flowers Skeleton drinking and enjoying the fiesta tile
Serenade Skeleton Tile F2255 $28
(out temporarily)
Fiesta Skeleton Tile F2257 $28
(out temporarily)
Skeleton playiing a violin ceremic tile Skeleton Trumpet Player Ceremic Tile Skeleton Guitar Player Ceremic Tile
Skeleton Violinist Tile F2252 $28
(out temporarily)
Skeleton Trumpeter Tile F2253 $28
(out temporarily)
Skeleton Guitarist Tile F2254 $28
(out temporarily)
Skeleton Cabillaro and his dog Skeleton playing an accordian ceremic tile Dancing Skeleton Dog ceremic tile
Skeleton Dog Tricks Tile F2251 $28
(out temporarily)
Skeleton Accordion Player F2256 $28
(out temporarily)
Dancing Skeletons Tile F2250 $28
(out temporarily)

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