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Original Large Sugar Skull Mold™ Original Large Sugar Skull Mold package

Original Large
Sugar Skull Mold

(face AND back)
4' high x 3.2" wide x 3.7" deep

W3500 $13

Makes an impressive sugar skull! Little children have success decorating this large-scale skull & adults have lots of space for elaborate decoration.

This skull is the size of a big grapefruit and weighs about a pound. Best for pre-3rd grade students (with developing dexterity skills). It takes much longer to make these blanks than the Original Medium.

Below - Large skulls are a 2-piece mold, and must be "scooped out" after they dry for 8 hours. See step-by-step sugar skull making recipes & instructions here.

assembling original large sugar skull showing fronts and backs of skulls

Decorated Butterfly Skull made from a Original Large Sugar Skull Mold decorated original large sugar skull made from a mold

Glass Sugar Skulls from Portland's Bullseye Glass Company made with our Original Large Sugar Skull Mold

Check out their online class to learn how to make these Day of the Dead (Glass) Sugar Skull

“For our Day of the Dead skull, we'll use granules of glass instead. The process involves packing a refractory mold with granules of glass and gum arabic. Before firing, the packed glass is back-filled with talc powder to keep it in place. The resulting piece will have a sugary appearance. But though it looks delicate, this is in fact a strong and long-lasting object.”

Large Plaster Skulls

Large plaster skulls are attractive when you don't want to make traditional sugar skulls. Good for young children who don't have the dexterity to operate an icing bag. Also good for ofrenda builders who must leave their altars outside in variable weather where sugar skulls would be getting moist. Artists enjoy a plaster skull when making finer artwork.

Large plaster skulls are usually made with just the face side of a two piece mold; however, advanced crafters can bond both back and fronts together using fast drying epoxy (make sure to "rough up" the mating sides with coarse sand paper to get a good bond). We recommend the Original Large (W3500), Original Medium (W3501) or Oaxacan Medium (W3492). The Oaxacan X-Large (W3480) and Guadalupe (W3485) molds are just pretty big and take a long time to dry, but they can be used.

Skull Candles & Soap

We have been sent some gorgeous soaps, soap on a ropes and candles from our customers who make them to sell at Day of the Dead craft shows and markets. The Original Medium (W3501) and Original Large (W3500) are recommended. Use with soap or candle kits available at craft shops and follow the directions.

Read more about creative Mold Craft Projects here

No time to make sugar skulls?

Pre-made blanks are perfect for class or parties!

UPDATE > We hope to find a group, school, museum, party, restaurant or organization tht might be interested in buying a large quantity of Original medium sugar skull blanks. $40.80 per dozen ~ 2 dozen minimum please ~ and full boxes of 82 skull blanks for a discounted price of $3 each! We're happy to split up the boxes if necessary. These are a perfect centerpiece to a Day of the Dead party.

To decorate for a group using 12 large sugar blanks, you'll need: 8 oz meringue powder (to make two batches of royal icing - each batch needs a 2-pound plastic bag of powdered sugar), 1 pack assorted colored tin foil, 6 paste colors, and 2 dozen icing bags (all available below!) Quantities slightly less for making Medium sugar skull blanks.

Large blank sugar skulls made from's Original Large Sugar Skull Mold
Original Large Sugar Skull Blanks ready for you to decorate!

Large Sugar Skull Blanks
Already made for your convenience!

Un-decorated large skulls, 4" high x 3.2" wide x 3.7" thick
Softball size, (full face & back)
W3516LG $9.50 each

Party Pack - One dozen
W3516LDZ $102 / dozen

Out of stock

Special Note - Because of the fire to our warehouse and destruction to our packing department, the shipping charge will be $5 handling per box plus the actual UPS or USPS fee. We discourage rush Air shipments because of the expense!

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