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Sugar Skull Lollipop Mold

Skull Lollypop Molds from

Skull Lollipop Mold

Flat backs
Lollipops are 4.5" h x .7" thick
Set comes with one mold and a pack of sticks. (No recipes included)
C4551 $9.50 / set

These succulent Skull Lollipop Molds are for chocolate wafers AND hard candy recipes.

This six-skull mold is made from a plastic that can withstand the high temperatures of hard candy without melting. Use your favorite hard candy recipe from Betty Crocker cookbook or the Internet, which use flavoring oils like cinnamon or peppermint. (Martha Stewart has a good barley lollipop recipe!) You'll find lollipop making flavors and supplies at your local cake decorating store.

Color your hard candy skulls with the paste food colors like the lime green chartreuse, purple and even black, that we sell on our website. When completely hardened and dry, you can cover with plastic wrap and tie with a ribbon. Our mold comes with a pack of sticks but no recipe is included.

If you want chocolate lollipops, use melted chocolate wafers or melted chocolate chips. See Chocolate Skull Instructions for more information on using these molds.

If you have colored icing made us for your sugar skull decorating, you can add a little decoration to the skull! Place stick into the middle of the skull so it dries securely embedded in the candy.

After they set up, pop them out of the mold and make some more!

Decorated Skull Lollipops from
Beautifully decorated skull lollipops from Angus
box of chocolate skull lollipops
"Make sure and get one of these during our festival!"
From Dia de los Muertos, Topeka Kansas - Facebook fan page
Mexican Sugar Skull and Sugar Skull Mold
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