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Sugar Skull Art Gallery ~ photos from our customers created the original Sugar Skull Molds as seen in Sunset and Domino magazines. We've offered our molds online since 1999. Our sugar skull molds have featured on The Food Network, Martha Stewart and "Modern Marvels - Halloween Tech" on the History Channel.

Send us your sugar art photos and check out more than 1300 photos posted by fans on our Facebook PHOTO STREAM.

Decorated sugar skulls in the image of Frida Kahlo and Elvis Presley

Frida & Elvis sugar skulls made with our Oaxaca Extra Large sugar skull mold.


Hola, Angela!
Please feel free to post these. We have a Facebook page - Charmed Catering and Events. People can see more of the wedding "cake" there. Thank you! y Feliz Dia de los Muertos!!
Ria Valdez
Oakland, CA
Oct 15, 2013

I just wanted to send you a picture of the hand painted clay ornaments that I made from your molds. I am an artist who uses day of the dead imagery frequently and I wanted to do something different for the holidays. Thank you. I love your site and your products!
Jen Poteet
October 4, 2013

8 hand painted clay sugar skull ornaments made from chocolate skull molds

I thought you might like to see the king and queen I made for my cousins’ wedding. A bit different than the traditional bride and groom, but I can’t resist making crowns.
Best to you,
Kim Keech October 4, 2013

Sugar skull bride with crown Made with our Original Large (2-piece) sugar skull mold
Decorated sugar skull groom made from's Original Large mold by Kim Keech

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Muertos Cake

The sugar skull maker, Christina Troxel is from San Luis Obispo, used candy melts instead of sugar for the sugar skulls.


When I used to be on Facebook, I think I had this on your wall a couple of years ago. I'm re-submitting it to you for your Sugar Skull Art Gallery. I made this cake a couple of years ago for a Halloween/Day of the Dead Tango Dance.
Christina Troxel
May 26, 2013

Decorated sugar skulls

Decorated sugar skulls

Dia de los Muertos birthday party pix rows of beautifully decorated sugar skulls

My son and I molded over 50 sugar skulls for our guests to decorate at my husband's Dia de los Muertos 50th birthday party. Thank you for the great instructions and products. Using your supplies made our sugar skulls turn out fantastic.
Best Wishes, Lori Clayson
January 15, 2013

Longmont Museum 2012 Day of the Dead Mercado, an exhibit in the form of a village outdoor market. They made 2500 sugar skull blanks. Very clever!

Kim Keech - Night Ofrenda, 2012

We made about 20 or so this year, some to give away and some to keep. I made six special ones honoring friends' loved ones and the ones we kept were for our home ofrendas that honor all of our family members and pets. The Empress wasn't for a specific person, but she is kind of the ringleader. Here's a night picture of our big home ofrenda with some of the skulls. It's in front of a painting by Latino artist Carlos Fresquez called "Talking to the Spirits".
Kim Keech, Boulder, CO, November 12, 2012

mango buttercream sugar skull cake

hi there,
thought i would send you this pix of a skull cake i made recently. i have a small cake making business in new zealand. it was a vanilla cake with mango butter cream and was 10 inch in size. I sell them for NZ$200 each. we don't celebrate the day of the dead down here but i have always loved the imagery ever since a trip to mexico a million years ago.
you can find me on
warm regards
devoney scarfe

october 2012

decorated sugar skulls

decorated sugar skulls

Hi, Thought I would share some photos of a local sugar skull artist in Seattle. Have a wonderful Day of the Dead week.
Best regards, Monique, La Tienda Folk Art Gallery, Seattle, WA - October 2012

Day of the Dead Quinceanera CenterpieceQuinceñieras centerpiece

decorated Frida Kahlo sugar skull

Hello! This year, my daughter is having her Quinceñiera and since she decided on November 2nd as her day of event, she went along with "Dia de los Muertos / Day of the Dead" theme. I have bought quite a bit of things from your site and I wanted to share with you - Kiara Mia's Day of the Dead Cotillion/Quinceñiera. Thanks for being great with your service!
- Silvia Lazaro Facebook fan page, October 2012
This is a "Frida" sugar skull I made from one of your molds. My daughter and I have enjoyed decorating the sugar skulls!
-Cathy Stearns
October 2012

decorated catrina sugar skull

One of my dearest friends ever was the one who introduced me to the celebration of The Day of the Dead. She dressed up every year as Catrina when we would attend the Oakland Museum celebration. Miss Linda passed away almost six years ago but she is loved greatly and her presence is felt strongly during this time of year. So after seeing your Catrina skulls my friend Bea and I decided to make our own Catrinas. I bought the medium sized mold from you, but the hats we created were so big that I had to order the biggest mold.

Thank you again for your amazing and inspirational website. I tell everyone about it.

- Carol Courtemanche, October 2012

catrina sugar skull with hat

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