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Sugar Skull Kits & Holiday Projects

Sugar Skull Kits

Because of the wildfires that burnt down our warehouse last week, we can’t send you a kit.

Please consider buying 4-5 of the Original Medium Molds or the Big Eyes Mold as a substitute for the Original Large mold. Please just order from the merchandise we have.

*Please read Home page AND the Sugar Skull Making Instructions page AND Teacher Tips page.

Buy the Decorating Supplies (paste food color, disposable icing bags) from your local cake decorating or hobby shop. You can find CKProducts meringue powder online or use other meringue powder but add a couple extra Tablespoons to OUR recipe to beef up it’s holding power.

Each of these kits comes with a free papel picado banner! Just buy your own granulated & powdered sugar.

Make your sugar skulls right! Read our step-by-step Sugar Skull Making Instructions

Family & Friends Starter Kit

1 Original Large Mold - $13
1 Original Medium Mold - $9.50
1 Meringue Powder 8 oz. - $15
1 Tin Foil Assortment Pack ( 6" x 6") - $15
6 Paste Colors @ $2.50 - $15
12 Disposable Icing Bags - $4
1 Papel Picado Banner - free

This kit will make 20 lbs. of sugar skulls and 2 batches of Royal icing - enough for 80 medium skulls (or 10 large skulls and 40 mediums).

Family / Friends Sugar Skull Kit
W3523 $71.50 (out)

6 beautifully decorated Mexican sugar skulls in front of a bag of C&H sugar.

Classroom Kit
Pre-K - 3rd grade

2 Original Large Molds - $26
1 Meringue Powder 16 oz. - $18.50
1 Tin Foil Assortment Pack ( 6" x 6") - $15
6 Paste Colors @ $2.50 - $15
36 Disposable Icing Bags - $12
1 Papel Picado Banner - free

Designed for 30 students.
Large softball size skulls are best for youngsters with developing dexterity.

Adults can make skulls months ahead of time & make icing the night before the kid's "Decorating Day Fiesta".

This kit will make 40 large skulls, 1 batch of white "assembly icing" and 3 batches of Royal Icing.

Pre-K to 3rd Grade Kit
W3524 $86.50 (out)


Young girl holding a sugar skull that she made in school,

Classroom Kit
3rd grade - adults

Best when making large quantities

4 Original Medium Molds - $38
1 Meringue Powder 16 oz. - $18.50
1 Tin Foil Assortment Pack ( 6" x 6") - $15
12 Paste Colors Assortment - $24
100 Disposable Icing Bags - $26
1 Papel Picado Banner - free

Designed for 80 students. A 10-pound bag of granulated sugar will yield 44 tangerine size sugar skulls. These 1-piece, flat backed skulls are the fastest, most economical & easy to make.

This kit makes up to 88 medium skulls and 5 batches of Royal Icing (this is what's needed for 88 skulls).

OR, the kit can make 308 skulls and NO Royal Icing. Make sure you buy extra meringue powder for the Royal Icing if you are planning to make more than 20 pounds of skulls.

Rule of Thumb - each 10 pound batch of granulated sugar OR 2 pound batch of Royal Icing uses 1/2 cup of meringue powder. 1 pound of meringue powder is a little less than 4 cups. Also keep in mind, each batch of Royal Icing should be split into 12 disposable icing bags.

3rd Grade - Adult Kit
W3525 $121.50 (out)

Teaching about Day of the Dead? Read more »

NEW Sugar Skull Boats

(Optional) 1 pound paper drying trays. Perfect for drying a wet sugar skull or taking it home from an event or class. Boat works well with Original Large, all Mediums & smaller sugar skulls. Easy to write artist's name on the boat with a fat Sharpie pen.

A4063 $2.25 / dozen

4 sugar skull boats, one with Sara's decorated medium sugar skull

Make your sugar skulls right! Read our step-by-step Sugar Skull Making Instructions

Last year, when I was in Michoacan for Day of the Dead, I ran across a sugar skull vendor selling from a rickety wooden table under the arches of the town square. He had just brought in a new batch of his famous sugar Guadalupes, and women were clamoring to buy them for their ofrendas! It would make a very special offering for their departed loved ones. They were iced with green frosting for the Virgin's cape, golden yellow flames of the resplandor, and little gold "teacher stars" stuck into the icing of the cape. They were true works of folk art!

We have tried to make a similar Guadalupe mold for your enjoyment... for those of you who can't go to Patzcuaro to get the real thing. It is made with the same sugar skull, meringue mixture as the sugar skulls. Dry the back and front and put together with Royal Icing before decorating. The Virgin stands 8" high. -AV

Guadalupe sugar statue done by Angela Villalba of Mexican Sugar

Guadalupe Sugar Mold Family Kit

Make beautiful 8" tall sugar statues. Kit includes:

  • Guadalupe Sugar Art Mold (W3485)
  • 8 oz. Meringue Powder
  • 1 dozen Icing Bags
  • Tin Foil Assortment (6x6 inch, 6 colors - more than 100 sheets)
  • 3 Paste Colors (Royal Red, Golden Yellow & Emerald Green)
  • Plus these decorating enhancements:
    • 1 dozen Paper Roses
    • 2 cardboard bases
    • 1 piece of decorative braid
    • metallic stars for cloak

Guadalupe Sugar Mold Family Kit
W3526 $70

(This kit does not come with a papel picado banner. )

2-piece Guadalupe sugar skull mold kit

Virgin of Guadalupe Mold by

Guadalupe Mold

2 pieces, face & back
W3485 $13 each


Sugar Skull
Panoramic Egg Kit

View a surprise through the peephole!
This is for the experienced sugar skull maker who wants a fabulous challenge! Add your own sparkle with sequins & edible glitter. Just add your own granulated and powered sugar!

Panoramic Sugar Egg Kit
Enough for 5 lb. bag of granulated sugar

1 Extra-large 2-piece Egg Mold - $12
1 Original Mini Sugar Skull Mold - $9.50
4 oz. jar Meringue Powder - $12
12 Icing Bags - $4
6 Electric Paste Food Colors - $15
6 Colored Tin Foil Squares - no charge
24 Mini Roses - $10

X-Large Panoramic Sugar Egg Kit
A1258 $62.50

panoramic egg mold

Panoramic Sugar Egg Mold
2-piece extra large mold to make your scenic eggs from sugar skull mix. Great advanced craft project. Use with our mini original skull mold or make any scene inside and on top.
.5.5" h x 4" w x 4" thick
Panoramic XL Egg Mold, 2-pc
A1249 $12

sugar skull inside a panoramic sugar egg with purple, teal, and yellow icing

decorative insides of 6 panoramic sugar eggs finished, decorated sugar egg with head and flowers

Check out our step-by-step INSTRUCTIONS for making panoramic sugar eggs like these!

Valentine Sugar Skulls using original large skull and heart molds

Original Large sugar skull (center)

Original Medium sugar skull (bottom right)

Molds also can be used for chocolate or soap making!

Make colored sugar hearts by tinting clear water with paste food coloring. Then press sugar mix into molds.

* Remember, sugar skulls are for decorative use ONLY and not intended to be made for edible candy.

Sugar Heart Skull Kit

Make a Valentine Sugar Skull for all your friends and family! It takes about an hour to make 35 medium sugar skull blanks (which uses only 10 pounds of sugar). Then decorate with your friends & family. Red hearts are made by mixing a small amount of granulated sugar with red tinted water before you cast the sugar hearts.

  • 1 Original Medium Skull Mold
  • 1 Sugar Heart Mold - Large
  • 3 Paste Food Colors: red, yellow & fuchsia
  • 1 4oz. Meringue Powder
  • PLUS decorative extras:
    6 assorted foil sheets, 4 icing bags, 6 paper roses, and 12 mini-sugar hearts

Add your own glitter,beads, sequins, flowers & decorative accents!

Kit has enough meringue powder to make 35 Original Medium sugar skulls, lots of hearts & one 2 lb. batch of Royal Icing. Tint water with the food coloring to make the bright red sugar hearts! This is enough to make for an entire school class, your office co-workers or party! Add your personalized message on a strip of paper and stick into a glob of icing. Sugar skulls last for years! Very inexpensive to make.

Sugar Heart Skull Kit A1185 $40
This kit does not come with a papel picado banner.

Our mascot Bengal cat Tacuba with a sugar skull valentine

sugar heart molds

Sugar Heart Molds

Sugar Heart Mold - Small
1.25" high - 12 hearts to a sheet
A1186 $6 each

Sugar Heart Mold - Large
1.75" high - 6 hearts to a sheet
A1187 $6 each

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