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Eleven New Molds created the original Sugar Skull Molds as seen in Sunset and Domino magazines. We've offered our molds online since 1999. Our sugar skull molds have been used by Martha Stewart and "Modern Marvels - Halloween Tech" on the History Channel.


We've worked all year carving these new super skull molds for sugar & chocolate.

11 new sugar skull & chocolate candy molds from

NEW Altar Sugar Skull Molds™

2-piece molds for sugar & chocolate

So many customers have called us over the years asking for a smaller sugar skulls with both front and back. Well, ta-dah! We have three new sugar skull molds that are based on real sugar skulls from Oaxaca, Mexico. Sugar Skulls to top cupcakes! These molds will delight the experienced sugar skull maker. They're a bit too difficult scale for little children, but are wonderful for older kids and adults. Chocolate makers will have fun attempting hollow chocolate sugar skulls by clamping the back & front together.

Lots of decorated Altar Sugar Skulls from
Medium Altar Sugar Skull Mold™
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Small Altar Sugar Skull Mold
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Mini Altar Sugar Skull Mold™
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NEW Medium Altar Sugar Skull Mold™

(face & back)
Kathi says the size of this skull is between a loquat & a guyabano! This makes a skull a bit smaller than a tennis ball. Back and front are exactly the same size so once it's decorated, it looks very similar to a true Mexican sugar skull. Petite! Nice size to mound up on top of a cake, or give as a gift.
2-sided sugar skull. 2 skull faces + backs per mold. 2 1/2" high.
W3300 $9.50

NEW Small Altar Sugar Skull Mold™

(face & back)
This precious little skull is the size of a large walnut or Barbie doll head. Too difficult for a student to decorate. Cake decorators with small tips will enjoy making these sugar skulls to top cupcakes, use as party favors or 2-bite chocolates. This adorable size is great to decorate or personalize for "angelito" baby ofrendas. Ribbon can be sandwiched between the two skull pieces during assembly to make Christmas tree ornaments!
2-sided sugar skull. 4 skull faces + backs per mold. 1 1/2" high
W3310 $9.50

NEW Mini Altar Sugar Skull Mold™

(face & back)
Only if you really, really love someone would you choose this mini sugar skull mold! It's a bitch to make as it's the size of an acorn or marble. If you are enticed to make these, you will treasure them! They are precious, especially if you put gold tin foil eyes and a strip across the head. You'll have to use tiny holes in your icing bags. They remind me of the exquisite miniature Oaxacan folk art sugar skull makers who sell in the outdoor markets before Day of the Dead. This tiny size would be used on baby altars or gifted between friends at the bistro table while sharing shots in the zócolo.
2-sided sugar skull. 8 skull faces & backs per mold. 1" high
W3320 $9.50

NEW Small Oaxaca Sugar Skull Mold™

These small Oaxaca sugar skulls recline perfectly to look good on an ofrenda. They have the same look as all the Oaxaca line - about the size of the Altar 2 1/2 " skull, but instead of looking straight forward, this one reclines.

The front is slightly longer than the back of the head. Probably not a good choice for students (Original Medium is BEST) but great for sugar skull makers who want to make lots of little skulls as give-aways, decorate tops of cakes or place setting gifts. Very happy friendly looking skull design.

Small Oaxaca Sugar Skull Mold
more details

NEW Oaxaca Small Sugar Skull Mold™

(face & back)

2-sided sugar skull. 4 skull faces + backs per mold, 2 sheets

2 1/2" high x 2" wide x 2" deep

W3495 $13

NEW Chocolate Candy Molds

Confetti Sugar Skulls for Chocolate Mold
more details

Chocolate candy made from our Confetti Mold

NEW Confetti Sugar Skulls for Chocolate Mold™

5 designs on one sheet- skeleton with crown, skeleton chef, sombrero skull, Rosita (woman skeleton with rose hat), skeleton with a bow tie & classic calavera (2 each). These small chocolates can also be used to decorate the sides of cakes by pressing them into frosting or to top a cupcake.
1 1/4" - 1 1/2" squares - 1/4" thick C4440 $9.50
Catrina Chocolate Sugar Skull Lollipops Mold
more details
2 Catrina chocolate lollipops Fiesta Sandwich Cookie Mold
more details

NEW Catrina Chocolate Sugar Skull Lollipops Mold™

4 lollipops - 2 Catrinas & 2 Catrins. 2.7" high x .6" thick with 4 1/2" stick
C4407 $9.50

NEW Fiesta Sandwich Cookie Mold™

This mold, with a decorated sugar skull on top, is used to make a chocolate encasement for a variety of fillings: your favorite sandwich cookie, dried fruits, pretzels, nuts, a mini ice cream sandwich. Use your imagination!
4 cookies, 2" round x 1 1/2" deep
C4425 $9.50
Chocolate lollipops can be brushed with gold luster dust for an elegant look or with small amounts of icing accents, but chocolate lollipops look nice without any adornment. Designs inspired by the famous Mexican woodcut artist Jose Guadalupe Posada.
Fiesta Chocolate Sugar Skull Lollipop Mold
more details
6 Fiesta Chocolate lollipops made with's Fiesta Lollipop mold

NEW Fiesta Chocolate Lollipop Mold™

6 sugar skull lollipops. 4 measure 2" high x 1.5" wide. 2 are slightly smaller.
C4420 $9.50
Flaming Heart Chocolate Mold
more details
Flaming Heart Lollipops Mold
more details
1 Flaming Heart Chocolate Lollipop with gold ribbon

NEW Flaming Heart Chocolate Molds™

3 sizes on one sheet. 2 1/2", 3" and 4" high, by 1/4" thick
C4430 $9.50

NEW Flaming Heart Lollipops Mold™

(right) 4 lollipops. 2 1/2" high with 4 1/2" stick
C4435 $9.50
These flaming heart designs were inspired by vintage milagro charms. These particular designs came from Mexican milagros from the 1800s. Chocolate hearts can be brushed with edible gold luster dust for an elegant look or accented with small amounts of icing.

NEW Wedding Wafer Sugar Skulls for Chocolates Mold™

6 wafers per sheet. For weddings, parties & ofrendas.
C4560 $9.50

Wedding Wafer Sugar Skulls for Chocolates Mold
more details
These small chocolates can be used to decorate sides of cakes by pressing them into frosting. Amor Eterno (eternal love) is a celebrated theme for some weddings in the U.S.

This gives you an idea of the relative size of each design.

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"Modern Marvels" photo shoot

The History Channel featured making our sugar skulls on their Halloween episode at the end of October. Here, Rio Diaz demonstrates how to make our Original Large sugar skulls.'s Rio Diaz making sugar skulls for the History Channel show on Day of the Dead


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