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3 medium decorated mexican sugar skulls3 medium decorated sugar skulls3 medium decorated sugar skulls3 medium decorated sugar skulls

¡Feliz año nuevo a todos!

Valentines Day - celebrate eternal love!

Day of the Dead reminds us that life is short, the cycle of life keeps turning, our loving relationships will last a lifetime and the spirits of the dead are always with us. Amor eterno, or eternal love is celebrated on Valentines Day in Mexico on Feb. 14, where school kids still have promenades in the town square, giving the girls lots of fresh flowers and friends & co-workers exchange little gifts & candies.

The holiday began in the 1950's as a copy-cat type holiday from the U.S., but Mexicans really enjoy this holiday. Sending live serenades to sing dramatic, heart wrenching songs to one's lover is a famous, time honored tradition. When I'm in Mexico City, I enjoy going to the mariachi parks where groups of talented, handsome musicians hang out, waiting to be hired and taken to girlfriend's balconies. There's women's mariachis too, in gorgeous hand embroidered outfit,s also out there waiting to be hired. In Mexico City, one can hire a 5 piece mariachi for a Valentine's serenade playing 5 songs for about $40.

We have many hand made gifts throughout our pages to delight your valentine!

-Angela Villalba
& the entire crew here at MexicanSugarSkull.com


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Valentine Sugar Skulls using original large skull and heart molds

Tree Of Life Candelabra ~ Two Skeleton Musicos Single sterling silver Arracada Sugar Skull earrings Black Day of the Dead gift wrap with colorul sugar skulls and marigold edging on the top and bottom"
Candles & Candle Holders Jewelry for every budget Sugar Skull Gift Wrap
Array of some of MexicanSugarSkull.com's molds Looking down on 2 legs with black knee highs with red sugar skulls Custom wedding Papel Picado Banners - 2014
Sugar Molds & Chocolate Molds Sugar Skull Socks Hand-cut Papel Picado Banners
Gigante black & white papier mache skull surrounded by live poinsettias Aztec skeleton with  Skeletons, tequila, flags, cactus, the iconic Aztec warrior carrying the Indian maiden.... High quality sugar skull rubber stamps for craft projects, paper cards & snail mail
Collector's Mexican Folk Art Fabric Rubber Stamps ~ Craft Supplies
Blank paper mache skull next to a painted paper mache skull Romantic Debonair Skeleton with heart and bouquet on base. This tuxedo clad, top-hatted lover offers eternal love to his sweetie. Rose Sugar Skull Tee Shirt emblem
Blank papier mâché skulls made by Mexican artists for you to finish. Make a sugar skull without the sugar! Use paints, glitter pens, feathers & beads to create your skull to honor your loved one! Romantic skeleton folk art
Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, marriage proposals, Valentine's Day, loving gifts of all kinds - and, of course, ofrendas. This tuxedo clad, top-hatted lover offers eternal love to his sweetie.
Awesome Rose Sugar skull t-shirt
Red roses - a symbol of love and awakening. The butterfly is thought to represent a returning soul for Day of the Dead.

Cute, smiling baby wearing a Sugar Skull on Black baby bib

Black napkins with large colorful sugar skulls on a red Fiesta plate

4-year old in a kids sugar skull apron Covered with bright, whimsical calaveras and polka dot, deep pockets

Red sugar skull napkin on golden yellow Fiesta plate
Kid's Delights Cool Home Goods Sugar Skull Aprons for everyone
Frida on Black Mexican Oilcloth sample Primavera on white Mexican oilcloth sample Frida on Lime Mexican Oilcloth sample Animales on Black Mexican Oilcloths ample
NEW Frida on Black NEW Primavera on White NEW Frida on Lime Green NEW Animales on Black
We carry the best Mexican oilcloth available! Oilcloth brightens a kitchen and adds personality to a patio table. It's an inexpensive way to jazz up the place! Oilcloth adds a lot of design flavor to any area of tables quite inexpensively. Great for catering tables, runners, party event rooms or everyday dining room tables. Here's a Mother's Day gift mom will love opening and use again & again! We carry a large selection of oilcloth by the foot or roll, and beautiful stock tablecloths. If you have a special design in mind for a round or long rectangular table, we can help. Start your collection of oilcloth patterns today and if you get tired of them, you can use them to line your kitchen drawers!

¡Bienvenidos restaurateurs!

Collage strip with Fan Farron poster, Mums on red Mexican Oilcloth, a chef, a bunch of decorated sugar skulls and a magenta Virgin of Guadalupe papel picado cut paper banner

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Handmade Vida/Muerte Sugar Skull Pink Rose earrings Folk art skeleton figure woman on motorcycle Virgin of Guadalupe folk art picture with reverse painted virgin and crinkled tin foil Fancy sugar skull from Mexico master sugar maker to celebrate dia de los muertos Cute skeletons painted reverse glass from Peru Alexander Henry skeleton fabric for dia de los muertos fans who are artistic

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