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3 medium decorated mexican sugar skulls3 medium decorated sugar skulls3 medium decorated sugar skulls3 medium decorated sugar skulls

Ugandan Chess movie or the essence of Day of the Dead?

We just saw an excellent Disney movie called Queen of Katwe - true story about a brilliant 10 year old little girl living in the slums of Uganda. She learned to play world class tournament chess while mentored by a dynamic (and sexy) missionary played by David Oyelowo. Her mother was played by Lupita Nyong, so you know it's a must see movie!

At one point, Phiona just couldn't deal with her mother's strict rules and asked her coach if she could run away from home and move in with his family. The missionary told Phiona that she was lucky to even have a mother - his mother died when he was little and he would "trade everything I own to be able to spend just one more day with her"...

That line there is the concise meaning of why we celebrate Day of the Dead and why it's sweeping the world in popularity. Most everyone has experienced a heart breaking loss that still aches in their heart - someone who they'd like to spend one more day with - to feel the actual essence of the person, feel their closeness, their personality, laughter, remembering the cadence of their voice and tender touch, a smile and share just one moment of unconditional love that used to be too often unappreciated. If only their spirit would return.

That's the magical part about Day of the Dead that occurs in homes & cemeteries throughout Mexico. It's not a superficial face-painting party but a sacred, annually anticipated experience that's created as ofrendas are constructed and tombs decorated.

Special foods are shared with the visiting muertos and everything one can afford is offered to make the returning spirits happy. And if it's done right, that spark of reconnection is total bliss. It fills the heart, teaches lessons and makes the arduous task of living life a bit more understandable.

Celebrate life and share the magic of celebrating Day of the Dead with those you love!

Check out the movie trailer - Queen of Katwe

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44 Original Medium Skulls come from a ten pound bag of sugar. Should take about an hour to whip out during an episode of The Designated Survivor. Contemplate the satire of life and death… then store the skull blanks in a cardboard box and you'll be ready for your Day of the Dead party in a couple weeks. We also sell 2 sizes of blank skulls - ready for decorating - which will save you time.

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Custom designed high quality mesh market bag with Frida Kahlo image and colorful peony flower background. Collector's Medium Papier Mâché Skulls by Señor Agustin Galicia Black on purple Day of the Dead oilcloth with sample featuring bike-riding skeleton.
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