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3 medium decorated mexican sugar skulls3 medium decorated sugar skulls3 medium decorated sugar skulls3 medium decorated sugar skulls

Welcome to ~ Creators of the Mexican Sugar Skull Molds

Day of the Dead is just 6 weeks away! In Oaxaca, where they just suffered the largest earthquake in Mexican history, people are starting to make plans to celebrate their muertos when they arrive on November 2. Will they have enough money to buy the gorgeous marigolds & crimson cock's comb flowers to adorn their tombstones? Will there be enough sugar skulls in the mercado since there was so much rain this summer? One thing is certain. No matter what the economic or political problems are, people will make sure to make Día de Muertos the best they possibly can. If you're alive or dead, you can count on that!

How are YOU celebrating this year? We have all the folk art & supplies you'll need for a spectacular holiday. Check out What's New, Sugar Skulls & What's Cool for great selections. Keep sending photos of your sugar skulls & celebrations. We love to share them! Read our Newletter for cool photos, sales & new arrivals. Visit our Facebook Sugar Skull fan's page… it's awesome! Over 120,000 sugar skull loving fans and followers!

This playful skeleton bone dog is trying to snap up the cempasuchil flowers as they float down from the heavens. Big Eyes Sugar Skull Mold - the largest, most realistic Mexican sugar skull mold we have Colorful mesh market back with image of La Catrina on purple and orange background.
Sugar Skull & Skelton T-Shirts Sugar Skull Mold Supplies Mesh Market Bags
Handmade Gigante Miracle Paper Flower This wood table exemplifies a feast fit for a muerto! It's heaped up with sugar skulls, candles, sugar cane, pan de muerto, cempasuchil, copal incense burner and a big pot of mole covered in sesame seeds.Sterling silver female skeleton with tiny earring & hair bow.
Handmade Paper Flowers Altar Fixings & Candle Holders Jewelry in all price ranges

Looking down on feet with black Day of the Dead knee high socks with magenta sugar skulls.

3-D Foldout paper Day of the Dead Cemetery Section of a fabric Day of the Dead quilt
DoD & Sugar Skull Socks Paper Decorations High quality Cloth Fabric

Lime green papel picado cut paper banner with skeleton biker


Hot pink and lime green sugar skull pillows Blank note card with 2 skeleton mermaids
Papel Picado (cut paper) Banners Awesome Sugar Skull Pillows Day of the Dead Note Cards
Patio with beautiful Mexican oilcloth tablecloth on table Sugar Skull pattern aprons for chefs of all ages,including kid's aprons like the one in the photo
Mexican Oilcloth Tablecloths Aprons & stuff for the chef

Making sugar skulls - sugar skull blanks, paste colores, etc.

Day of the Dead DIY

Our Día de Muertos Collection

Chocolate Skulls
instructions for the chocolate connoisseur

Craft Projects
Plaster skulls, skull candles & soaps & more

Fabric Projects
High quality fabrics for Day of the Dead projects from pajama pants to rice bags to quilts

Keep sending photos of your sugar skulls & celebrations. We love to share them. Read our news for cool photos & new arrivals. And don't forget our Facebook Sugar Skull fan's page… it's awesome! Over 60,000 sugar skull loving fans!

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  Cascade of decorated sugar skulls made with's molds.
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